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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just a Couple Cute Pics

All the Faces of My Little Man

In less than 48 hours his surgery will be over. I can't wait. I've found myself giving him 10 times the kisses of a normal day. And that average was already quite high. He's my cutie. My little buddy. My helper. My jumper. My funny man. My ticklee (I'm the tickler;). I love this little boy and I can't wait until this surgery is behind us and I'm praying it really makes a difference. In the next day I will relish in all the faces my little man makes.

Our Little Super Model

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Sibling Love

I love how much they love each other!
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Life's a Beach

We spent the day at the beach yesterday. It was so fun! Victoria loves the freedom her water wings provide and Christian loves to fill and dump and fill and dump his dump truck. Mark stopped by in between jobs for a few minutes. The beach has to be one of our favorite spots this summer!
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Paint Your Plate

I thought I'd turn a leisurely morning into taking two preschoolers to a place where no less than 20 signs scream, YOU BREAK YOU BUY, all around the fragile ceramic goodies. Ahh, the joys of summer break.

We (they - really - I stood guard and guided) did have a great time creating though.
Victoria used WAY too much water to "dampen" her piece before painting.  She went through two Dum Dums and a direct fan and it didn't make a difference.
Christian did a great job but really just wanted to play with the water and sponges.
We received the pieces back today.  They turned out better than I ever imagined.  Each one has one of their handprints on it.  They are priceless!!!!!