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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A (Very) Short Time in Kindergarten

This entire month my student teacher is teaching full time.  I'm technically not supposed to be in the room.  I am here and there. . .but then I start helping, chiming in. . .I really shouldn't be in there. 

So, I've been keeping myself busy.  I'm doing an inference intervention with certain students in all three 2nd grade classrooms.  I have almost all of my reading benchmarks done almost a month early.  I bet I'll never type that again!!  I've also came up with a way to help other teacher.  This morning I thought it would be fun to go into different rooms to read to give the teacher a break.  20 minutes here or there are extremely helpful for a teacher.

I thought kindergarten would be a good place to start.  I went in at 11am and read The Plump and Perky Turkey.  It was so fun.  It was great.  I started adding actions and asking questions.  Next thing I knew I had at least 20 kindergartens following my lead learning what strutting was because we were strutting like a plump and perky turkeys.  I left that room and told my teammate, "Maybe one day I will teach kindergarten."

I went back at 3pm for the afternoon class.  I actually arrived early I was so excited.  Same book.   Same actions.  Couldn't wait.

A little more than half way, yet before the strutting began the five year old, innocent,  little,  blonde boy began vomitting all over himself.  I can barely handle that with my own kids. 

I looked at the teacher at his desk and said, "Mr. C. we have a sick friend here."  He casually walked over (he must be immune to this kind of thing) to get the child.  Vomit was still a flowing so I reached over to grab the trash to swing it around to this kid and accidentally hit another kid in the head with the trash can.  (Lucking it's not a real can and it's made out of plastic)  Mr. C took the sick kid out.  That didn't stop the drama.  Since there was puke all over the rug and many children were beginning to gag we moved the 'party' over to another corner and ended up strutting in the hall instead of around the room. 

The kids were saying how gross etc. it was that this kid puked and then I told them the very true story of me puking all over the tile floor in 2nd grade.  It splattered everywhere and it was so embarrassing I got choked up telling the story today.  Maybe I was choked up because I was still on the verge of vomiting myself, but either way. . .

I don't think I can ever read The Plump and Perky Turkey the same way again.

I really think Mr. C should get a raise. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Dear Craig,
I really love your list!  You're so easy to use, it's almost fun.  It's really exciting when someone shows up to pay me for my old stuff.  This week alone I've made $105. 
Keep up the hard work and sell the rest of my stuff,

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Whew, it was a crazy weekend! 

On Saturday the Paulsons had their annual awesome Halloween party.  It was even scarier than last year.  They had Minute to Win it games.  Mark won in 14 seconds.  He managed to get two tea bags to balance on the bill of a hat.

The costumes were fabulous as usual. Molly's mom was Lady Gaga and had her makeup professionally done and her dad was Papa Razzi.  Very clever.

It ended up being a very late night, but it was worth it.  Very fun night.  These two are always a blast to hang out with.

After nearly three whopping hours of sleep the kids were up and Whoo Hoo!  It was Halloween!

After teaching Sunday School I got the kids down for a nap and the planning began.  Organizing all the costumes and accessories.  We headed over to Grandma Jeanne's for Uncle John and Papa Mark's birthday dinners.  There the kids got to do their first Trick or Treating of the year.

Papa had bags of Nibs for each of them on top of the normal hand fulls of candy. They were delighted.

Here we are!  We were clearly waiting for the arrival of the Mystery Machine.

Then it was over to Aunt Molly's house.  We wanted to Trick or Treat there and today is Mol's bday!!
Happy Birthday Molly!!
They kids were infatuated with all of the spooky things around her house.  None of it bothered Victoria at all.  She loves spooky.

Look at Christian peeking around the corner at the spooky things on the porch.  This stuff is scary to me (remember I hated Halloween for about 95% of my life).  I can't believe they like this sccary stuff!

Then we headed over to Livi's house for Trick or Treating. 
Then to Therese's house to hang out with Minnow a bit.
Then we finally headed out to actually Trick or Treat house to house.

They loved it, of course.
The would knock, yell Trick or Treat, receive the candy and then Victoria would look into her bucket and figure out what they put in there and then yell something like, "He gave me another one of those Kit Kat things!"  By the time we finally got the hang of saying thank you and waiting to check out the goods until we were walking into the darkness of the night, there were only two houses left.  Christian loved chasing after his big sister.  He loved being Dooby Doo and he loved carrying his "bumpit."

Now, I'm left with various costumes strewn around the house.  Mounds of candy piled in a variety of containers.  I get so excited for Halloween we buy our costumes in the summer and wait and wait for October 31st.  I'm already thinking about how Halloween will be different next year when they are 3 & 5.
It's amazing how fast the years fly by.  Check out 2008 & 2009