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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy

We celebrated Mark's 33 birthday way back on September 11th.  It was that first week of school.  Whew, glad that's over.  We had a fun time surprising him with homemade birthday brownies and a push cart for his golf bag.

Don't the kids look so proud to be a part of this celebration?

Both kids have their own candle to blow out too.

Their picture is on the card.  They loved it!

Happy birthday honey.
I think next year we'll celebrate your birthday in August.
Are you cool with that?

Feeling Better - Let's Stay that Way

Last night was the first good night's sleep I've gotten since last Monday.  I've had a terrible sore throat.  But my coughing is/was out of control.  Especially at night.  I would lie there and cough and cough until my chest hurt.  Until I was gagging or throwing up.  Bad week!  Now I feel almost completely better. . .I heard V coughing last night.  Of all weeks in her life - NOT NOW!  We're all looking forward to seeing her be a Flower Girl on Saturday.  Being Flower Girl is scary enough - she must be well.

I (finally) found the perfect little outfit for Christian yesterday.  After bath last night we had them try on their wedding gear.  Victoria hadn't tried on her dress since July at The Bridal Shop.

Notice his long sleeved shirt is ivory like her dress.
They are going to be one cute pair!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Last weekend my wonderful friend Odelis took Victoria for a very very special day.  Just the two of them went to the Mall of America.  They had a cupcake at Cinnabons.  They went through the entire toy store.  Victoria left with a talking pig for herself.  She named it Monte after Odelis' dog.  They bought Christian his first Buzz Light Year.  Then got a Halloween decorative candle holder for our house.  Seriously, what a lucky little four year old!

After all that excitement the fun really began.  Victoria got a manicure at Scooops.  What an adorable place!

Here she is getting her plush pink robe on.

Notice her tiara.  They called her Princess through this experience.  She chose chocolate lotion and sparkly nail polish. 

Do these two look like best buds or what?

What a great memory for her to make!  Thanks Odelis for making her feel so special.  It's no wonder she can't wait to spend the night!