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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Joy of Fundraising

I haven't been blogging because I am taking a class (Dealing with Difficult Parents) and I feel guilty blogging instead of doing my homework.  I'm waaaayyy behind.  However, I want to share this story....

Our school carnival was last Friday.  It was a success.  The kids loved it.  We tried some new ideas.  It was fun.  For the fundraiser portion, we do a Silent Auction and Raffle.  The teachers can put in something to do with the kids that the parents can bid on.  This year I did Donuts and a Manicure for 2 before school.  So one of my super faves won it.  (Funny, one of my faves win each year.  Maybe only my faves bid on me...)  She was so excited to tell me she won before the end of the carnival.  I spoke with her parents about which morning would work for all of us.   She just had to decide which friend to bring and work that out with that friend's parents.  At first she turned to her mom and asked her to come.  Her mom and I both cracked up.  She would go in late to 3M in order to eat donuts at our back table and have me paint her nails.  Funny.

She came in this morning all smiles and said, "I decided who I want to ask to my manicure date."  "Oh good!  Who?" I asked.  "Your daughter, Victoria."  My hurt bursted.  V and this little girl were good friends last year and it kind of faded this year being in different classes.  I was happy for V.  I was happy for her.  I am happy that I get to hang out with both of them (with a little side of Christian - daycare is closed for the third day!!).  

Coolest fundraiser ever!