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Friday, July 22, 2011

NKOTBSB Minneapolis 2011

I had just seen NKOTBSB about five weeks prior, in Chicago.
But I was no less excited than in 2008 when I hadn't seen them perform in 20 years!
I did make it even more amazing of a day that I met Jordan Knight just a few hours before the show.
Jordan looked right at me and asked, "You going to the show tonight?"  In all seriousness I looked way up into his face and stared into those huge brown eyes of his and assured him I would be in ROW EIGHT!

All geared up and posing with my -still-wet- picture of Jordan and myself from a couple hours earlier!

I paced the house waiting for Molly and Brian to pick us up.
We arrived about 30 minutes before the show began.
I saw my sister in law just minutes after walking into the Target Center.

Then I saw a girl who stood behind me for nearly three hours earlier at Best Buy.
We said hi and then Molly (who wasn't with me at Best Buy) said, "Heather?!  It's Molly!!"
Turns out they grew up on the same street.  What are the odds?

When I walked out of the Chicago show I loved the concert.
If somebody would have stopped me for my feedback I would have said there are a few things to change:
1. The Opening Acts were ridiculous.  Jordin Sparks may be the most boring performer I've ever witnessed.
2. The majority of the songs at the beginning are too slow.  Get us pumped up!
3. The sets between the two bands were too long.  I didn't like listening to 4-5 songs straight from Backstreet.
4. I'd like better seats.

Well, nobody asked my opinion but they must have asked somebody because I was completely shocked to see every single thing I would have changed DID change!!
The opening act was Matthew Morrison from Glee.
Never saw the show in my life.
I will now watch it, because that dude can sing and dance like nobody's business!  I would go to see him in concert all by himself.  He was rockin. 

It also helped that nobody in our row had shown up yet so I walked right up to the stage and took his picture over and over.  It was so awesome!!

In our seats ready and so excited!!

Here are some random, out of order pictures of the concert.
I basically recorded the entire concert, so I don't have that many still shots.
However, I'm so glad I did!!

Donnie Walhberg near the end of the concert.
When Jordan came down the end of the aisle when I was in Chicago I never thought I'd get that close again.
This concert, I knew it was going to happen.  But I only knew where Jordan was going to pop out of and I was way down on the floor this time.  Then the security guard who was just a few feet away from us suddenly turned, spread his legs and arms apart so nobody could get out or go in our little area.

Next thing I knew Donnie walked up the six steps right behind us.
He stood there and sang the ending to Tonight.  Luckily I found the video of it on youtube here because as Molly states it, our inner eleven year olds came out and we went crazy.  I THOUGHT I had my videocamera on the whole time. Turns out I didn't though:(
However, Molly did!! :)
I could jump up and touch his shiny black tennis shoe.
So I did over and over again!

Thank goodness I chose comfort over cuteness in my shoes! 

Then I saw a folding chair in the corner. I climbed on it and then could reach his mid calf.  So there I stood for several seconds pawing his legs and even tugging at his pant leg. 
Remember: Inner Eleven Year Old!
Then this lady jumped ON him and wrapped her legs around him.
See, I'm not the only crazy one in this situation!
It took a security guard on EACH leg to pull her off.
Then Donnie leaned back against the railing pretending to be exhausted or shocked or worn out or something.
Then ran down the stairs RIGHT TO ME!!!!!
Unfortunately I wasn't the first girl he hugged and she wasn't letting go so I just hugged his right side as tight and as long as I could.  Then as quick as he came he disappeared.  Molly and I were screaming and jumping up and down and immediately went to check our videos.

It was so awesome.
Best day ever!!

I know exactly where I am in the video and can't see myself even with my neon hat on.
In my memory everything lasted so much longer than in reality.  Like him leaning back I would have guessed a full three seconds, when it wasn't even one second.
Thank goodness for technology!!

This is about two minutes after Donnie disappeared.
See the steps over Molly's shoulder to the left.

That's the corner he stood in during that whole episode.
Very very close!

AJ McClean of Backstreet smiling at a girl in the front row for a picture.
This is about when I figured out I could go up to front row for a shot or two and then could walk back to my seat.  That was my main concern about getting such good seats.  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to see well.
I've never been more wrong in my life.
Of all the concerts I've ever been to this was by far the best seat I've ever had.

Very end of the show.
See how Joe had his shirt half on half off, that's the way he left it the whole last three songs.
The ending of the concert is soooo amazing.  It feels like the biggest party of your life.

Nick Carter of Backstreet.
The sexiest dancer I've ever seen,
especially close up.  I am officially his fan.
It seemed as though his feet were floating above the stage he danced so flawlessly!

The Right Stuff with no shirt on Wahlberg style.
Yep, it was good!

Joe looked our direction when I pushed the button then turned while it was trying to focus.
But I still love it.

There's Jordan soooo close.
However, we were quite a bit closer earlier in the day;-)

The problem with front row is,
they're up really high on the sides.
Right after this picture, Donnie ran past Jordan and
 moved a security guard to the side and jumped
 in the crowd again but in the section above my head.

This is the furthest away they were during the entire show.
That's still pretty damn close!

Go ahead!  Take it off;-)

I found it's quite difficult to get clear shots while jumping up and down.

A little more Nick.

Jumping in the audience.

This thin tissue paper rectangles fly and fly up in the air.
It's quite a dramatic ending.

Brian Littrel from Backstreet.
I'm not a fan but it's a great picture.

Since the summer of 2008 when I got my vintage 1991 nightshirt signed by the entire band I wear it to every single NKOTB event.
What are the odds two other girls would have them on too?
I really don't think theirs are actually vintage though.  They had different sleeves and seemed in too good of shape.

But it was still fun to talk to them about the show.

It was a memorable night I will remember for a loooong time!
Thanks so much for accompanying me, Mol!
I'm so glad it was a 9.5 for you -
but it will go down in my book as a full TEN!

MOA with Odelis

A few weeks ago Odelis met the kids and me at MOA.  We had such a fun day between the rides and Sea Life (previously known as Underwater World).  The kids absolutely love to hang out with Odelis.

There's Odelis and Christian coming off the Log Chute.
Even being only 3 years old he is such a little dare devel.

This is the main new attraction at Sea Life.
A manatee pool that you can stand around and even over.
We happen to be there when they were feeding them squid.

Christian and me on the Log Chute.
Once a day is not enough for him!

Odelis and Christian on the Log Chute.
He looks the most comfortable in that log for some reason.

Checking out the Garden Eels.
Very cool and a little freaky.
When we got home, Victoria searched for a book for several minutes.
I heard her yell, "I knew it!"  She came out with a book with garden eels in it.
She had remembered reading about them previously.

Riding the Sweeper all by herself.
Unfortunately, when we went there a couple weeks later they made me ride with her again.
She misses the cutoff by about 1.5".

Daring to touch a real lobster.

It's always a hands-on and fun experience at MOA but oh - so - tiring!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Catch Up

If I blogged about every fun thing we did this summer I'd never have time to have more fun.  So here's our summer catch up.

We enjoyed Teddy Bear Park and downtown Stillwater with Joey and Rosie a couple weeks ago.  Even though it was pretty hot, the kids had a great time playing together and Amanda and I had a great time chatting.  Of course there's always a pitstop at the candy store.  We also had lunch at Leo's.

One evening Victoria was really over tired and was having a terrible attitude.
I was at the end of my rope.  I literally couldn't think of a way to get through to her.
So I decided to take Christian to Dairy Queen. 
We got our ice cream and drove across the street and sat and watched the windmill.
He loves to see the windmill when we drive by it.  Unfortunately, the windmill was actually moving at that time.  That was a bit sad, but we still had a nice time together and when we returned Daddy had Victoria calmed down and in a fine mood.

At the beginning of the summer Guy and I took the kids to the Children's Museum.
The kids got along great and it was fun watching Guy in daddy action.

We've enjoyed Livi's pool frequently.
The kids absolutely love swimming.
Now that each can actually swim and we're not totally dependent on water wings it's been a nice change.

Of course, eating the foods of summer is always fun!!

We've spent  A LOT of time ennjoying the beach.
That's where the kids really gained confindence in the water.
I love to sit back and watch them play together and with other kids.
Our huge basket of beach toys attracts many children and it's great to
watch them meet new friends and work out conflicts together.

 This very soon - to - be - kindergartener
is still napping 1.5-3 hours a day.
She is going to be an exhausted little girl in a month and a half!

More to come about our wondeful summer. . .