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Friday, November 18, 2011

Look at Me Times 33

My favorite blog of all time:
and technically, it's not even mine.

Thanks Liv!!

Not Another Two

This was not one of the easiest weeks to get through.  Details on all of that, may or may not, show in the blog at a later date.

To top it off, I set up a dentist appointment for this morning before school.  While I was laid back with my mouth wide open I could see the clock (upside down).  The minutes ticked and ticked and I was still there.  I was thinking about how I used to enjoy going to the dentist and now I always feel like I'm so pressed for time, lying in that chair is one of the last things I want to do. 

Finally as the dental assistant had my free toothbrush and floss in her hand he dropped the ball.

Looks like two cavities.  I was confused.  Nope, just one, I said.  Thinking he's talking about the one and only I had in the x-rays. 

Oh no, two NEW ones.  What the hell is going on this week?

Looks like I'll be scheduling another appointment for next month now.

Appointments. Co-pays. Medicine.  Never ending lately. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Email From a Mom

I sent an email to a mom yesterday telling her how much I enjoy her daughter.  Then I let the daughter type at the bottom.  She typed: Mrs. Humphrey is rilly proud of me.

Mom responded: So glad she is doing so well! Thanks so much for all the energy and effort you put into the kids in your class.

You are appreciated,
If only all the families were like them.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Go to Sleep My Little Angel

Do you ever read this blog and this life is so sweet at the Humphrey House?  Soemtimes it is.  That's mostly what I blog about.  Why would I blog about bad things? 

Sometimes bad things happen and sometimes I just need to talk about them.

Both kids have been sick this weekend.  Really, Victoria has been sick on and off since her double ear infection Oct. 20th.  Oddly, I didn't blog about her having to leave school to Mama Jeanne's to throw up all over her house after not once but twice sending her back to class.

Apparently, bad infection.

Nope, I just blog about the simple sweet things that happen around here.

Not tonight people, not tonight.  By people I mean Liv, Jeanne, Jeanne and me.

Victoria had extreme stomach pain last night.  Wake her up, legs shaking, yelling, "My belly hurts soooo bad!!!" pain.

I considered the hospital for a few minutes but then it seemed to pass.

Unfortunately, this pain continued all night long on and off.

Luckily I went to bed at 8pm and was ready for action all night long.  And those little ones didn't dissapoint.  At 2am she woke me by trying to use the restroom.  After she laid back down I was channel surfing and found Silence of the Lambs.  I was relieved because I like to close my eyes and listen to something I already know and not have to watch and try to drift off.  As you're thinking, it's not like RHOOC or something. It's Silence of the Lambs dumbass and it's just as scary as it was 10 years ago!!!!

Not only was I actually RUNNING from room to room with buckets, blankets and ice packs and lullabies, but in my down time I was watching Silence of the Lambs.  Coodoos to the producer, director and Jodie because holy crap, I know there's at least a sequel and it's still really really scary.

By 4am I was just happy we were all still alive.

But by 5am we were in triage on the couch.  Who was really sick at this point and what are we going to do about it.  In preschool she never missed a day in two years.  Now on public school record she would miss two days in the first 47.  CRAZY.

I also didn't want the call from Ms. Beck midday that V's belly hurt and she needed to go home.

I was also wondering how I could manage the day.  I have a lot of patiences.  When it comes to my children A LOT.   When it comes to my students even more. 

Today, I was lacking. 

It's so hard to be up so early and then deal with piddly crap like the kid who leaves his folder in his backpack every single morning (to piss me off?  to leave class to get it?  just because he can?)
Either way, annoying.  I saw it in his backpack, by chance (hey Sherlock, you should check it every morning!) and caught it and was annoyed. 

I gave an entire spelling test before the news began.  If you're not a teacher: That's HARD CORE!

They rose to the occasion and were on their best behavior after I told them what I was dealing with at morning meeting.  It made me think two things:

Why aren't they always this good?
Thank goodness they gave this to me today.

The issue is that I took a personal day tomorrow to go on a field trip with Christian's preschool class.  I haven't been on one yet with him.  Christian's best friend Tony, also went on one, and Grandma went on one and I NEED to go on one. 

I took one of my coveted Personal Days to go on a field trip. 

He is SOOO excited I'm going. Totally worth it.  But so messed up I couldn't stay home with them while they were sick.

After I picked them up Victoria kept complaining.  I was voted Biggest Complainer in High School and this kid had me beat by 6pm.  She was terrible.  Mama Deb came over and was confused by her mean mean attitude.

She was so mean it makes me sad.  At least I knew why she was being so mean.  She had been up since 3am and was so exhausted and sick she didn't know what to do.  After three hours of putting her to sleep finally she's sleeping.

It's not all sweet, by any means.

But it's all real.

Next time they go down easy I will appreciate it.

Hopefully, tomorrow. . .