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Monday, May 13, 2013

40th & an Overnight

When Victoria was a baby I didn't leave her over night until she was more than a year old.  Can you believe that?!  Christian was about six months old before I let him go to Grandma's over night.  My third child?  He was the ripe ol' age of just about three weeks.

My friend Amanda, who I love and adore turned 40 just a couple weeks after I had Brecken.  My friends and I began planning her 40th birthday since she turned 39 last year.  It got a little tricky with my due date only two weeks prior. 

After a lot of talk about what, exactly, we'd do to celebrate we finally decided on a hotel room at Embassy Suites.  I got there before everyone else and had it decorated and when everyone arrived we celebrated with cocktails and apps for a couple hours.
Then we took the shuttle to Mall of America and had dinner at Cantina #1.  

Don't ask me why the waiters jumped in our one and only group pictures.
Don't ask me why we have one and only group shot on such a special night either.

After dinner we headed over to Dick's Last Resort for a drink or two and then went back to Cantina #1 when the DJ arrived.  We danced the night away....until 2am.
We had a blast and there aren't any pictures or video that are suitable for this blog;-)

We took the light rail back to the hotel.  I had never been on the light rail before and was amazed how it was just waiting for us and took us right to the hotel for free.
I said to Odelis at 2:30am while I had my heals in my hand, "Man, I didn't know the light rail was free!"
"It isn't.  We just didn't pay," she responded. 
"Oh, well, you'll have to teach me how to get on right sometime," I said.

I was just happy we all made it back to the hotel together!

I am so happy I did make it out to celebrate Amanda, even if I did have to pump several times through the festivities.
It was totally worth it.
I love when I'm listening to the radio now and a song comes on and I have a flashback of dancing with one of those crazy girls that night.  It was a ton of fun!

Quote of the Day

I love quotes and this is a powerful and very true one: 

The way we talk to our children become their inner voice.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kelsey's Shower

My cousin Kelsey is getting married in two months.  On Saturday her sister and I threw her, her very first Bridal Shower.  It was a gorgeous day and a delightful shower.
We played the game where the guests guess the how many answer she will get right from the questions I asked her fiance.  I love that game!  It gives a lot of insight into the couple and always provides lots of laughs.  

I watch taking pictures of her while she was opening gifts and I got tears in my eyes thinking about her opening Christmas gifts when she was about 3 years old.  I would have been about 12 and I always thoughts she was just the cutest little thing.  She still is, but it's hard to believe she's about to become a wife.

I can't wait to see her on her wedding day!