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Friday, February 21, 2014

(A Surprise) Bonus Day AGAIN!

Maybe you're getting tired of hearing this....but I'm not:


Yes, seriously school was cancelled for the FIFTH time this year!

We made one up last week and we'll make another up in April but there is NOTHING like the shock of getting ready in the morning and hearing your husband yell, "Kel!  It's closed again!!"

Totally awesome!  My dad surprised us at 10am with a bag of fruit and donuts and took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese.  It was closed when they got there but I've received a text with a pic of C going to town on a bag of cotton candy.  They've been gone for 5 hours as of now.

I spent the day loving on Brecken.  Now that's he's walking it's harder to keep track of him and even harder to take pictures of him.  They're all blurry.  He continues to be the sweetest baby that every lived.  These bonus days are all about spending unexpected time with my kids (and catching up on laundry).  This winter will be one we talk about for years to come!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Face Painting Mishap

For over a week now Christian is asking if he can use the face paints.  He even asked after he got ready for school this morning.  Every time I say no, he looks so disappointed.  I assured him after school today, he could do it.  We got home and he was first to put his folder and lunch box on the counter and he was outta there.  First time ever, he got his after school things taken care of before Victoria.  He was in the bathroom for a while and Victoria was playing with Brecken while I made dinner.  Christian came out with a face THICK with face paint, mostly black and red.  Lips, eyebrows, he was covered.  We ate dinner and then Victoria wanted to do it.  While they were both in the bathroom applying even more face paints I was having a mini dance party in the kitchen with Brecken.  He's fascinated with the radio right now.  I does a baby gasp when the singing starts and he has to stare at the radio the whole time we're dancing.  He'll bop around and laugh but he'll keep at least one eye on the radio.

Soon both big kids were covered in face paint and V said, "Do you think Christian should have gotten face paint all over your good while towel?"  I went in and inspected and said, "How do you suppose that towel is going to get clean?"  "I'll totally take care of it," he said.  He scrubbed that towel in the bathroom sink with hand soap and turns to me as I'm giving the baby a bath and said, "I like washing towels like this.  I could do them all for you."  How cute is that?

As I got the baby out of the bath I gave them each a darker colored washcloth and gave them the directions to, "Not touch a thing" and get in the bath.  They headed downstairs and I got Brecken ready for bed and gave him his bottle.  I cleaned up the dinner mess and started on the food for J's shower tomorrow.  The kids are able to start the water and they'll play for a while before I go down to scrub hair and make sure they are actually clean.

Just before I was about to head down Christian comes running up and said, "Don't worry Victoria is ok."  Ummmm, that can only mean one thing - something is NOT ok.  I went down there and naked Christian was right behind me.  Victoria saw me and became hysterical and said, "You're going to wish you never had me!"  Talk about dramatic!  I said, "Don't ever say that.  Remember, I'll always love you, no matter what.  What's wrong?"  While literally bawling she said she had gotten face paint on the couch.  I went to look.  There were two small red smudges and I could see she had already tried to wipe clean.  I didn't say anything as I walked back into the bathroom.  They were both crying really hard saying the most dramatic crazy things like,  "What is our punishment?"  Now mind you, neither have ever really been punished for anything.  Time outs here and there when they're fighting but really we just talk things out.  So them being worried about being "punished" was kind of funny.  Christian said, "What are you going to do to me?  I'm so worried I kinda feel like I'm going to throw up!"  All the while crying hysterically.  I just looked at him like - What the heck is wrong with you??  Seriously, they were so worked up, it was almost funny.  I sat there not saying a word and they both kept going on and on and on.  They cleaned the face paint from the side of the tub really well and continued to cry.  They finally got cleaned up (except for the nice face paint stains left on their cute little faces) and out of the tub.

All I said was, "Jammies, teeth, bed."  Off like a shot they both ran.  It was seriously unreal.  They both went straight to bed.  I kissed and prayed with Christian and his eyes were closing at 6:35.  He was exhausted.  Explained why he was so emotional.  I finished making the food for J's shower and then headed down to see V.  She had asked if she could take her new media books down with her, so I knew she was reading.  I walked into her room and she looked so sad.  She asked if we could cuddled.  I got her all tucked in and cuddled up with her.  She said, "Mommy, how are you going to punish me?"  "I'm not Victoria.  It was an accident.  It's over.  No biggie."  (Clearly the guilt of this mishap was enough!!)  She looked at me so relieved and hugged me tight.  We prayed and her "extra" was for a forgiving Mommy and for a Mommy who loves for her.  It was so sweet.  As I cuddled her I could feel her body relax.  She was completely sleeping by 7:00.  Apparently, serving at Culver's last night, wore her out!

The face paint came out of the couch and carpet with a little Shout.  I threw away the rest of the face paint.  I'm predicting both kids sleep hard and (hopefully) past 6:30 tomorrow.  Even though it was pretty uneventful (in my eyes), I bet it's a night they won't forget anytime soon.