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Monday, December 29, 2014

Here Comes Valentine's Day

For years I loved shopping.  Most of my life really.  I officially do not love it any longer.  I find it cumbersome and a bit annoying.  I really dread it most of the time lately (maybe that has to do with putting Brecken in a cart equates with poking his eyes out with daggers).  No that is not dramatic.

Even though I've always loved shopping, my most favorite day of the year to do it has been December 26th for years.  

Until the last couple years.  Not only are the sales not as good as they used to, but I also don't need shit like I used to (think I needed at least).  However, this year I walked into Target to get milk on what happened to be December 26th.  I only went down the Christmas aisle for old time's sake…but I am no longer one of those crazy ladies pushing to get at the Elf on the Shelf game that is 50% off.  Well, ok, I was like a little ninja and grabbed that one.  (Seriously, Victoria got one for Christmas and Brecken is obsessed with that elf that he can actually touch so I figure two is better than one!)  

All that fuss didn't truly excite me.  And now that Brecken was finally seated and securely strapped in I told the kids we'd just go around the store for fun.

Low and behold……

They had already begun stocking for Valentine's Day!  Cue Cupid!

OMG!  The greatest day of the year!!  

I don't understand why people wait for the day after Thanksgiving to start celebrating Christmas.  And it beyond annoys me if someone comments on the account that my kids always gets their picture taken with Santa prior to that.  

So when people show a distaste for celebrating Valentine's Day in December that is crazy to me!  Best day of the year people!  

My friend at school mentioned, that I bought a gift for "everyone" at school.  When you work there and your kids go to school there that really does pretty much create a cause for buying a gift for everyone.  

However, the ONE person I didn't buy for was Brecken's new teacher.  OMG.  Seriously.  What the…

I texted Laura and told her and she said, "I know you'll make it up on Valentine's Day."  


That's what I love about Valentine's Day.  Low stress, and nobody expects anything.

It's truly the best day of the year!

The End of the Semester

I took two grad. school classes this semester.  That means I received the books and work in September and have until December 31st to complete them both.  I told myself and others, that I would have one done in October and the other finished over Thanksgiving break so they would both be done before we left for Mexico.  If you know me at all, you can predict not one book was even opened until….wait for it…we were on the plane to Mexico.  I actually finished half of a class on the second leg.  A special thanks to Liv who set me up to work offline on a google doc!  Gracias!

Unfortunately I came home so sick I couldn't think of reading let alone actually writing my ideas down.  

That left winter break.

In the last few days I've finished both.  "Why do I wait this long?" I asked Mark.  "Because if you didn't you'd just fill these days with something else.  You're crazy like that."

So there you have it.  I'm crazy like that.  I only signed up for one class this spring.  Which spring starts in January 1st.  I'm planning on working on it while I'm recovering in bed from my surgery.

Any bets on if this will actually happen??