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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Many Uses for a Pregnancy Test

The Monday we got back from Mexico I picked the kids up from school and was making dinner.  Christian said, "Mom, can I do art?"  My answer is (almost) always YES!  That means he and probably the others will sit down at the table and create.  I love it.

We have a huge cabinet in the bathroom that the bottom portion has turned into the Art Closet over the years.  I recently threw quite a bit out and gave bags and bags of goodies to daycare and took a bunch more to school.  Still, we have way more than a normal family would ever have.  So he went in, rummaged around and came back out.  He quietly sat down at the kitchen table and started to create art with a USED PREGNANCY TEST!!!!

I just about died!

He took the cap off and rubbed it on an ink pad.  I took a pic and texted all my friends.  I whispered to Mark to go and look at him but not to say a word.  Mark walked into the kitchen and said, "What is that?"  really not knowing (yet) and Christian replied, "I don't know.  But it doesn't work very good."

When he was done he put the cap on and put it back.
Grossest thing ever.

I sent the text to Dad and Deb.  Poor Dad called a few days later to see if that was a recently used test.  He was hoping for Baby #4.

*Side note: When I was cleaning out the cabinet I was talking to Liv and told her I didn't know where to put the used pregnancy tests.  She said, "In the trash!" 
I told her I kept one from each baby and didn't want to throw them.  Now I did toss one.
This may be God's way of saying Keep on tossing Kelly!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Current Happenings

What's going on right now…..

* My poor little boy Christian hurt his knee in gym last week.  I didn't think much of it….he would complain on and off but still played and rough housed like usual.  Then last night he was really hurting and I took a good look and it was super swollen.  Ice skating was canceled today.  He had it wrapped and iced.  It does look better but I'm taking him in, in the morning to make sure.

* He has now come down with a 101.4 fever.  Currently sleeping.  Like to keep it that way.

* I've started reading Fly a Little Higher.  Oh my gosh.  I can't read more than 20 pages at a shot.  My heart breaks each time I turn a page.

* I've heard and read the phrase, "I'm done shopping."  Do people really make a list and when everything is crossed off it's just over?!  That is bizarre.  I had a new idea today for one of the kids.  Which means I get to find another thing for the other two kids.  I really did go - less is more - this year.  But by Thursday morning, that may not be the case.

* Cheeseballs are delicious.  But I over indulge every time I open them.  Love/Hate relationship.

* I have two classes to finish by Dec. 31.  One I haven't even started.  And my book for the spring session has already arrived.  Hoping I actually notice that raise in February.

* My dad stopped over today.  He brought Dairy Queen.  Played at least 40 games of Connect Four.  He never lost.  Read a couple books to Brecken.  Played remote control trucks with Christian.  Built a gingerbread house with Christian.  Practiced sight words.  Then he left.  To take snap I would presume.

* I still have quite a bit of wrapping to do.

* One of Brecken's gifts came in the mail a couple days ago.  Brecken's Night Before Christmas.  Of course we ripped it open and have enjoyed it over and over.  I read it to my class and they were mesmerized by the personalized details.  - worth every penny.

* Brecken has been making some nice progress.  Got a good report from his teacher on Friday.  Working on setting up some therapy at Theraplay.  The paperwork is atrocious.  Shocking, really.

* Each Christmas I make a book for my Goddaughter/Niece/Second cousin Grace.  It begins the day after her birthday and ends with her last birthday party.  One full year.  Last year I think I gave it to her around Valentine's Day.  This year I got it done one full week before Christmas.  I went to pick it up today.  They "have no record of it."  I have it done and paid in full.  I sat on the phone for nearly 30 min only for them to credit me back (turns out not the full amount) and then I had to reorder.  So annoying.  Hoping I have it before Wednesday night.