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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A First of All Firsts

Wow, today was a day of all days.

A first day, at that.

It started last night.  Both big kids up twice.  My belly hurts.  My head hurts.  I called First Day Jitters and hugged and kissed and sent them back to bed.  Of all days, our damn dog started howling at 5:45am.  I ran out to the living room to let him out.

V woke saying her belly still hurt.

We took our annual chalkboard pictures.

C told our daycare mom he didn't want breakfast because he didn't feel good.  Again, First Day Jitters.

I was at school a bit early with a fabulous coffee.  Little things started going wrong.  I greeted my new little friends who were, by no means, nervous on this first day.  Chatty chatty aggressive boys.  Couldn't believe my eyes.

I walked by Christian in the hall and he waved and said, "Mom! Mom!  It's me!  It's going great!  It's actually fun!!"  Warmed my heart:-)

Each day we have prep time while the students are at specialist.  One day it's only 30 min and the next day it's 60 min.  Today I had only 30 min.  I was organizing papers in the nurse's office because I didn't have time to get all the way back to my room and then back down to the office in such a short time.

When I got back to my room I had about 12 minutes before I had to leave to pick up my class.
In walks Victoria bawling.  My belly hurts!!  She climbs on my lap and I kiss her little forehead and pull my lips off because she was burning up.  (Guess it was not First Day Jitters!)  We headed down to the nurse's office and sure enough, 101 degrees.  She had to leave school. She was borderline hysterical and literally hyperventilating and I had to leave her.  Mother in Law to the rescue, grandma Jeanne was on the way.  I had no choice but to get my class.

My day finished off with chatty chatty chatty children that I actually had to yell at two boys who were actually being dangerous.  Tomorrow is going to be so different.  So different.

Finally all the buses arrived and children were on their way home and Christian and I were high tailing it out of school.  Christian told me, "Today was the best first day God ever created!!"  He was so excited to read his homework to me.

We ran into daycare only to find they weren't there.  Transportation messed up and put the bus stop at the wrong corner.  So our poor daycare mom has to load up all the toddlers/babies and walk down the street to wait for the bus.  I scooped up Brecken and raced to the minivan running the middle of the street and she yelled, "Don't forget his blankie!  It's on the counter!"  Back to her house.  Christian Big Brother Extraordinaire ran in got Ning Ning and B's shoes and was back out in under 30 seconds.

We raced over to get V who looked a million times better.  We raced home.  I started making Breakfast for Dinner - family fave - while B climbed on the kitchen chairs and onto the table so I actually let him play with eggshells to keep him busy (and keep him without head trauma).  The big kids were pulling out papers and papers from school.  There was shit everywhere.  B broke my necklace and my charms went flying all over the floor.

Finally dinner was served.

Only to have Brecken break out in hives so bad on his face (particularly around his eyes) so bad I texted his daycare mom a picture and asked what he ate today and see if anything was different today.

Benadryl given.  Fingers crossed.

OMG.  Fingers crossed day two goes a hell of a lot better tomorrow…..