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Friday, April 6, 2012

Suits During Spring Break

Spring Break March 19, 2012

So warm they were in their bathing suits!

Shocking for Minnesota!

Reported high 79 degrees

A Few Bumps Gone Wild

Christian had some little bumps on his left foot for a while.  I noticed but didn't pay close attention.  Next thing I knew they had grown and multiplied.  We went to the doctor and he put medicine on them.  They didn't budge.  Instead they grew.  Quite a bit.  I felt bad for him at the water park last weekend.  He insisted on keeping his water shoes on the whole time.

So I took him back in.  Four years old you shouldn't be ashamed of anything.

The doctor offered to put more medicine on it.  However, it obviously didn't work.  Then he talked about scraping them off.  Please do!  It might hurt.

He tried to get me to scrape them off myself a couple weeks ago, so I knew he's be totally game.

Then the doc took out a long silver metal tool that had a very sharp hook at the  end.

He placed it over a bump and said, "Are you ready?"  "How hard are you going to do it?" Christian asked. "As hard as I need to. Are you ready?"  "Yep."

Then he yanked the shit out of my kid's foot.  And removed a bump.  He showed me the middle contagious part.  4 more to go.

To make a long story short blood was dripping like crazy and Christian was telling Dr. Stang he needed bigger muscles and told his some non-sense knock knock jokes.

Dr. Stang removed them all and hopefully this is the end of the story.

Easter Bunny Questions

A conversation between Victoria and me as I was rocking her tonight:

Mommy: Are you excited to see the Easter Bunny tomorrow? (with excitement in my voice)

Victoria: Well...not really (very slow and hesitant)

M: Why?

V: Mommy, isn't that just a person in a costume?

M: What makes you think that?

V: First off, his eyes are twice the size of my HEAD (then tries to demonstrate how large that really is)

M: Hmmmm (Mommy is thinking how to explain this)  that does seem weird.

V: Is that huge bunny going to come into our house? (with a worried tone)

M: Of course not honey.  How could that big bunny hop around here and not wake us up?

V: That's what I thought.  That's just a person in a costume and the real bunny will come into our house. Right?

M: Yeah, that's pretty much right.  But it's rude to talk about somebody in a costume you know. (She can't blow it for her brother and the rest of the kids in line.)

V Obviously I have to pretend he's real or I'll hurt his feelings.

She's figuring things out very quickly.  Even thought I don't want there to, she better lose a tooth soon or she's may figure something else out.

Middle of the Night Egg Bake

I'm a huge believer in schedules.
Whether it's with myself.
My class.
My family.
My kids.

When my kids were babies we slept trained them both.
And it was magical.

We've missed complete holidays due to nap time
I will stand by a sleep schedule any and every single day no matter what.

When Victoria was in Abbey's wedding I told her in the car "You better nap so you can walk down the aisle." She did.

On the way to Colorado last summer we would say, "Time to nap,' and they would.

Granted there is a lot of work and backstory to all of that, it's true.
We have created great little sleepers.

However, one night last December Christian had taken a REALLY long nap.
The poor boy couldn't fall asleep.
It's especially annoying when you're used to falling right to sleep.

While he was singing in bed I was on pinterest (arguably the best website ever created).
I found an amazing recipe for an egg bake that cooks in your crock pot that cooks over night and is ready for breakfast.

Why didn't I think of that?!

I got the child out of bed and he thought he was a Navy Seal slinking around the kitchen!

The Big Sister was not to be aroused!
These were his moments and his alone.

He had no problem requesting the full chef's hat and apron.
His task was cracking 12 eggs. 

And then he went to sleep very peacefully.

** As my kids get older....
that's a very fun part of where they can deviate from their usual - whatever - and be able to handle it.

It is so fun to see them grow and evolve.**

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rollin' with My Four Year Old

We decided to switch things up this year for Christian's birthday party.
The previous three birthdays were celebrated at Pump It Up.
It was/is completely played out.
Since our school's Skate Night is his favorite night of the month we decided to hold it at Wooddale Roller Rink.

It turned out to be a great choice.

It was a construction theme.
I could not - for the life of me - find a Bob the Builder - or anything construction - cake!
I took it upon myself and order a full marble sheet that just said Happy 4th Birthday Christian in orange with a border.

The night before the party Mark and I had fun embellishing.  Actually Mark had fun and completely took over.  However, it was all my ideas and materials - thank you.

Turned out amazingly adorable!

*The 'dirt' is crushed Oreos*

Hangin' with their friend Simon - who is not wearing skates.
A lot of kids had never skated before! 

But not THIS kid!

Rollin' with Uncle John

That's pretty damn cute!

Auntie Livi and her Simon

Teeny tiny little Maya!
Those skates are three sizes too big - 
but she didn't seem to care.

My wonderful friend Mary and her grandson who 
is truly a BFF of Victoria and Christian

Daddy, Uncle Guy and Christian
too cute for words!

Laura, Jenna and Samantha

I loved that people brought skates and had a blast!

Especially this lil' dude!

His many of his favorite people were in attendance/
Including these two!

Uncle John and soon to be Aunt Tegan

Uncle Wayne and Ashley

Victoria introducing Tyler to the enticing world of arcades

My totally adorable friend Shauna and her son Jack
He had never skated before and stuck with it!

Simon with his big win!!

Papa Mark and his grandson
I LOVE this picture!

Christian and his Aunt Molly and Brian

Uncle Guy and Matthew and Emilee

Nice hat Livi;-)

Now...let's get to eat!
If you know Christian - this is his favorite part!
He loves his condiments!

Both Grandmas in one shot.
I don't think I've seen that before.  
Love it!

Simon is hard at work

Jenna and Sam having a good time

Christian too busy to turn around with the sign I asked him to show me.
Actually, I like this look better.

Finally, a family picture right before the cake is cut -
thanks to Laura for always looking out for my photo-opps

I love that even though he's a whopping four - he still needs Mommy's help.

Lovin' every minute

And every bite

and every gift

and every guest

Great - Grandma Dorothy

76 years in between them - 
totally adorable!

and friends who are really family

and family who are really friends

Who is enjoying this hug more?

We are so blessed to have so many friends with kids our kids' ages.

And even more blessed they actually like each other.

My baby is four.
It's so so sweet. 

I've never loved him more.

I Dig Being Four!

***  Side note to that shirt he's sporting. 
I ordered it online a couple months before his birthday to have it show up the size of a second grader.
I emailed...etc.. to get no response.
The problem was I loved the design and could not find it anywhere else.
So, I reorder the next size smaller.
That came fit for a 12 month old.
I emailed and was beginning to get aggravated!

One night Liv was over and I was telling her the story and how I wasn't getting anywhere with the company and she decided we could 'fix' one of the shirts.  
We were either going to wash the big one in scalding water and pray for shrinkage or we were going to play tug of war with the little one.

We played a full out pull as hard as you can and laugh hysterically tug of war.
It worked.
He loves that shirt.

He is so proud to be four.