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Monday, September 24, 2012

Memorable Girls' Night Out

Tonight was a memorable night.

I needed to return a movie to RedBox so I went downstairs at 8:15pm to check on Victoria before I left.  She came zooming out of her room.  "I read three entire books and I'm still not sleepy.  I don't know what else to do!" she said.  She had been in her room for more than an hour.  I whispered, "Put on some shoes and you can come to the grocery store with me." "Are you serious?!" she replied with a little grin.  "Totally, but be quiet we don't want anyone to know."

We tipped toed upstairs and grabbed sweatshirts and we were off.

We returned our movie and grabbed a few things.  She explained the difference between odd and even numbers to me and then proceeded to count - odd numbers only - from 1 to 131.  It was quite impressive.  I explained how the spices are arranged in alphabetical order.  We held hands and chatted in the very quiet Rainbow.  We got out to the car and I didn't want our special time together to end.  It was 8:45 and most places would be closing soon.  We headed over to Denny's.  We each got a hot chocolate.  I never have hot chocolate there.  She said, "Well that's odd!"  And cracked herself up with the whole odd reference.  (Remember the odd number lesson a few minutes earlier?)  She ordered Banana Bread Pancake Pups with a scoop of ice cream and I got a side of extra crispy hash browns.  We chatted and I heard all about school.  Details of what happens when it's your week to be the Star of the Week to she forgot her library book today but it didn't matter because she would have rather read the magazine about dogs anyway to the girl who stole her orange ring today.  She decided not to wear rings any more because that was just 'too big a hassle' for her to deal with today.  I gave her a handful of change and asked her to count out .18 for the bill.  She gave me a dime and eight pennies.  

I was looking at her little face across the booth having tons of flashbacks of when she was little and I dreamed of a night like that. Having a real conversation with her.  Hearing great things about school that she's excited about.  Watching her mannerisms and wondering which ones she got from me.  Thinking she is so gorgeous.  I wondered if other people think she's as gorgeous as I think she is.  

I felt like the luckiest mommy around.  

We headed home and she headed to bed.  I thanked her for a special night and she wrapped her arms tight around my neck and held me tight and said, "I love you more than anyone in the world.  I really do."  "You could never love me more than I love you," I said.   She looked at me and smiled and rolled over.  

It was positively the best Girls' Night Out we've ever had.  It was one I hope I never forget.