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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pretty Little Ears

She finally did it.  Victoria got her tiny little lobes pierced today.  She's tried it before and backed out, but today she was determined.

She walked right in, chose little 'rubies' and climbed up in the chair.  She listened to the rules and how to care for them.  She also chose little sterling silver turtle earrings she's looking forward to wearing in eight weeks.

She doesn't even look nervous!

So proud of herself!

She spent the afternoon calling people to let them know how brave she is.
She loves to show off her new little earrings and she can't wait to get to school on Monday.

Our little girl sure is growing up!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Day in a Box

About four times, ever, our daycare mom has texted me.  Today was one of those days.  She said Christian was having fun playing in a box.  Funny, but odd.

1. Why was he in a box?
2. Why did she have time to text me?

Turns out most kids at daycare are sick and didn't show.  It was just her and Christian until noon and then his buddy E showed up and she took them to the pet store and bought a frog for their fish tank.  (Fabulous fabulous fabulous daycare mom!)

Cutest story ever.

That's why she had time and why he had time to

I worked physical labor for nearly six hours yesterday (long story) and was beat last night.  When the child awoke at 4:55am this morning, I tried all my tricks to get him back to bed/sleep and finally gave in at 5:40 that I was up for the day.  I was dragging.

Turns out so was he.

Not shocking that from 4:15-5:30pm he cried uncontrollably and nonstop.

Ooooh, it was bliss.  Most of the time I continued my duties and ignored him when singing, dancing, rocking, feeding, cuddling didn't work.  I was in the laundry room and he was lying on the floor screaming his leg was broken.  No response from me.   His finger was stuck - apparently the one he was holding in the air.  No response.  He couldn't see.  His eyes were closed.  No response.

Then I saw a box!!!

"Hey buddy, want to play in this box?!"  I tossed it over to him.  Silence.

He grabbed the box and ran upstairs.  I swear I said out loud, "Thank God!"  Five seconds later the box came shooting down the stairs WITH HIM IN IT!

His body fell out at the bottom of the stairs.  At least then he had something to cry about!

This kid walked to the top of the stairs, got in a box, and slid down.  REALLY?!  That's my life people, it really is!

After his favorite Breakfast for Dinner in his jammies, he went right to sleep.

Unfortunately, he's been coughing constantly, up once already and crying he hurts all over.

I'd like to put this sickness in a box and seal it up.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter at the Zoo

We've been so blessed with the most gorgeous winter in Minnesota history.  So nice, in fact, we went to the zoo on January 8th.  I didn't even have to wear a coat.

Poor thing can't find the bananas on the tree.
I didn't realize I had to tell him they were still green.

Christian was convinced the koi were blowing him kissing, so he threw one back.

That poor monkey thought her monkey Beanie Baby
was her long lost child or something and went a little crazy trying to get at it.

It was a great way to spend a winter afternoon.

First Time Ice Skating

I used to love ice skating when I was a young teenager.  I remember walking to the park on a very very cold day over Christmas break all by myself and skating until my hands and feet were so numb I was worried about the walk home.

For Christmas we got the kids their own ice skates.  Mark also bought himself new skates.  We busted them all out on today, including my figure skates that I've owned for more than half my life.  I'm certain I smiled when I pulled them out of my closet today.  That is, until I noticed there were actual cobweb around the metal. When I brushed them off I noticed the rust at the bottom.  Neither were a sign that I was going to be spinning circles around my young children.  

We drove the few blocks to the outdoor rink.  Excitedly entered the warming house and got all geared up.  I was breaking a small sweat getting V and me ready.  We headed out.  I was (really) nervous about getting hurt.  Even considered not skating I was so nervous.  I figured I'd skate until I actually fell.  I didn't want to quit since the kids were having a blast!

Within about five minutes, it was clear, Christian is natural.

She liked it.
But she fell.  A lot.  Then she'd play in the snow.
I reminded her that he's getting practice while she's not.
She hopped right back up.
I think she had a flashback to the day they got their training wheels off.

After about half an hour they were both actually skating and only falling when trying to turn.
About fifteen minutes in it seemed my right lace was loosening to the point I began to like a little too much like Bambi.
When I went to tighten it I realized the actual boot part of the skate was 75% detached from the skate.
That makes skating even more difficult.
I took them off and we've already got me a new pair, since we're planning on skating tomorrow night!