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Monday, December 31, 2012

Road Trip to Colorado

We took a road trip to Colorado last June.
We drove into the night.  At midnight I said I was getting really tired, we needed to stop.
Who know the Olympic swim trials were happening in Nebraska and we had to drive another 100 miles to find a hotel room.
Good things about that was it was after 2am so we got the room half price.
Which was great since we were only in the room for 5 hours.

We let the kids bounce some energy out in the morning. 

There was lots of napping in the car.

FINALLY we made it to Aunt Joan's house.
Christian and Nash were best buds!

We went to the Georgetown Railroad.

 Somebody was very happy to be boarding a train!

Mark and me with our Godson, Walker!

Of course, they needed to know who was the tallest of the bunch.

The conductor came by and punched the tickets just like on Polar Express.
Christian was in awe!
He got a few extra punches!

Look at that face!

Of course, everyone needed a nap from Georgetown to Breckenridge.

Breckenridge is my favorite city in the USA.
I love it!

It is so relaxing, yet there's so much to do.

For some reason Christian was sleeping over the top of Victoria.

These two always get excited to be together.
Which is so cute.  Except, they weren't so cute they night before.
However, the next morning Hollis and I thought for sure they were both toast and wouldn't leave their beds.  They surprised us though.  They both came out with Gatorades and they were ready for the day.

Taking the gondola into town.
These cousins may not see each other often, 
but they sure love each other.

Hollis and her little boy Nash.

We got the boy matching 4th of July in Breckenridge t-shirts.

So darn cute!!

Hangin' at the pool at the hotel.

Both families.
This is an important picture.
The ages of the kids are V - 6, C - 4.5, Walker - 4, Nash - 2.
The importance is, each family will have another child next summer!
That's the last time there will be 8 of us. 
Next time there will be 10!!

The daddy's having fun with the kids!

While the other kids were napping
V & C and I took a hike up the mountain.

It was so quiet and peaceful and really wore them out.
I should not have worn flip flops though!

At the top of the Alpine Slide at the top of the mountain.
I didn't like it the year before and I still don't like it.
Just taking the sky lift that high makes me feel sick.
Then I have to make it to the bottom, safely, with my daughter tucked in between my legs.

Mark and Ted had no problem going as fast as possible!

When we got to the bottom we climbed half way up another mountain to find snow on July 2nd.
We had a snowball fight.
It was slippery and the kids LOVED it!

That night the kids had make your own pizzas from Ted and Hollis' restaurant.
The kids loved it.
When Ted went to take out the adults' pizzas one flipped upside down in the oven and started smoking and burning.  Ted said a few choice words and Hollis stood there telling him to watch his language.
I had the door open hoping we weren't going to set off the fire alarms in the entire hotel.
I still can't type this or talking about it without laughing hysterically.
It was extremely funny!

The kids played many many games of Memory.

The kids and the parents.

Back in Golden we decided to hike the Apex trail.
This time I wore my tennis shoes, at least.
It was a loooong hike and the steep drops and snakes made it feel even longer.

Don't the kids look thrilled?!
We cram so much into a vacation they're pretty much exhausted the entire time.

There are always so many elk around Aunt Joan's.
The kids and I get so excited to see them!

A trip to Colorado wouldn't be complete without a dinner at the White Fence Farm.

While on vacation I vowed to give the kids ice cream every single day.
This night is was past bedtime and we stopped at Dairy Queen and watched the sunset.

I posted pics of the day each night.

On the 4th of July Ted and Hollis had their annual party at the restaurant.
The kids had a blast.
It was close to 100 degrees that day.

There was a face painter and balloon maker!

Hollis and Walker.   Too cute!

It warms my heart to see these four together.
Makes me wish we lived 800 miles closer.

Somebody thought he was pretty cool!

After the party we headed over to Boulder.
Of course, everyone needed a nap!

Ice cream for the day!

The following day we headed over to Red Rocks.
It's one of my favorite spots to take pictures.
However, it was really hot and both kids were beyond exhausted.

Can you see the exhaustion?

Can you see the exhaustion now??
Poor kid.  
We kept on dragging him around.

She tried to be a good sport.
Probably because she didn't want to be dragged ;-)

After a nap he was in a much better mood.

We stopped at Heritage Square for some ice cream.

That made everyone so much happier.

For some reason this pic is upside down,
but I took it to remember how much little hand holding 
I got to do for that week.

Finally it was time for our favorite Colorado spot.
We were lucky to have Ted, Hollis, Walker and Nash join is this year!
The kids loved it. (So did I!!)

Checking out where the divers dive.
It really is amazing everything that happens in the gigantic restaurant!

The following day we headed to Colorado Springs to the North Pole.
They had terrible wild fires there for the weeks leading up to our trip.  The North Pole was closed for weeks.
Two night before we were planning on going there I checked the website and they said they were reopening the following day.  The forests were all burned down across the street.  
But it never reached the North Pole.
Thank goodness!

This is the second year we've gone.

Victoria was old enough to drive the car herself!
She was so proud!

Christian missed it by an inch or two.
We're certain he'll make it next year!

Victoria found an enormous Peef the Magic Christmas Bear.

She got right on Rudolph this year!
Last year it was quite the ordeal.

It was even more special with Walker, Nash and Hollis with us!

After two hours in traffic on the way back it was time to head out.
We were going to try to make it to South Dakota for the night.
Victoria was so emotional when we were leaving. 
She was crying saying good bye to Callie the Dog and cried the whole time saying good bye to Aunt Joan.

We stopped at McDonald's just a few minutes out of town and Christian was already sleeping.
We slept into the night and woke up at about midnight and ate his cheeseburger and then went back to sleep.

Visit with Santa in July.

Our annual family picture at Casa Bonita.

We already talking about our trip there this summer.
It will be even more eventful with Baby!