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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Screw the 6+

About a year ago I accidentally ordered myself a new phone case but for the wrong iPhone.  Man, that feeling sucks.  The case sat in a drawer for nearly a year until I upgraded.  Now I use it even tho the pic is pretty old and Brecken doesn't even have all his teeth.

Today Mama Deb's gift came…you guessed it….a new phone case.  I spent quite a bit of time "designing" it.  I was so excited to see it. I opened it.  I thought, "She is going to LOVE this!"  Then Mark walked by and said, "It's wrong.  Won't fit."  And kept on walking.  OMG he's right.  I ordered a 6+.  Ooooooh I'm so mad and sad!  Not only what a waste of money but now I won't be able to get a new one in time!

If you know someone who has an iPhone 6+ and they think my kids are cute, let me know.  It's all theirs!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Week-end Full of the Christmas Spirit

We've been back for a week now.  It took a few days to recover (we both came home sick) and rejuvenate but we're refreshed and happy to be back together with our littles.  This week I was working my ass off at school to get back into the swing of things.  I realized that we only have five school days left before Christmas break.  Less than two weeks until actual Christmas!  I've been using every waking moment planning, creating and ordering the gifts.  I've literally been working projects during lunch each day this week.

A Christmas party was canceled for Friday night.  We kept the babysitter and went out to dinner (waaaaayyyy too early for Mexican food. What were we thinking?).  We stopped by my grandma's to pick up a tree I got on super clearance years ago (thinking we would move and we'd have a small fake tree and a large real tree) and put that up as a surprise for the kids.  Since we've decluttered, we decided not to decorate for Christmas. . .vowing we'll make up for it next year.

On Saturday morning the kids and I (Mark had to work) ran some serious errands.  Brecken had a horrible day.  Errands and a toddlers melt downs do not mix well.  During nap time V & C made gingerbread houses.  They are so independent now.  It's bittersweet.  They don't need me at all and they just create.  When The Boss woke up we made our pretzel/hugs/m&ms treat.  Watching Brecken with all his will power not eat that third hug was adorable.  His little fingers working the tinfoil.

Today we made more of the pretzel treats and chocolate chunk cookies.  I took each of the big kids, separately to shop for their siblings.  It was adorable.  Both putting thought into make each other happy.     After dinner everyone got their jammies on and grabbed a cookie and some water and we drove around to look at Christmas lights for a couple hours.

We crammed an awful lot of Christmas spirit into one weekend.  The kids will wake to wrapped gifts under the tree.  Only 10 more days to go.