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Friday, December 12, 2014

Mexico 2014

We dropped the kids off on Monday after dinner.  I didn't cry this year. (Last year was a total break down.)  I capture this little dude on my way out the door and looked at his adorable face over and over (ok three times) through our "week" away.

The kids have never flown (when they can remember at least) so I sent this to C's teacher to show him.

Even tho we still hadn't landed Welcome to Mexico was all I needed to see.
Let my Mexican Smile begin.

Here we are on the way to the resort.
I was having difficulty unplugging and texting this to "my people" with:
It's drizzling, do we look like we care?

It's true.
We did not care.

Checking in.
They give you fruit juice while you check in.
I made myself right at home.
I sauntered over to the Lounge and grabbed a beer and a champagne.
I thought about that first champagne for weeks.
It was all I hoped for. 

Just got to our Ocean Front Suite with my second champagne.
Don't worry, after that one I lost count. ;-)

Mark is getting ready and I already grabbed my first cerveza.
Love me some Dos Equis (when nothing else is available).

Our first official drink in The Lounge.
When I think about everything I love about Mexico
The Lounge is the top of my list.
We've had some amazing conversations there.
So many memories.
It's where we actually relax and enjoy each other.
I love the Lounge.

In town we had a beer at a restaurant and they had these gorgeous plates. 
As soon as you don't order food they whisk these gorgeous plates away.
I wanted to buy one..or some.  
They are not for sale.
They don't have enough already.
Mark said, "Name your price."
I truly cannot imagine what he really was willing to pay.
But they actually said, "No price."
Now that they are Priceless, we want them even more!

Because this is what you should do your first night…..
Get a henna tattoo from a street corner our of a pop cap.
Although, I do love having my three stars for the week.

World's Smallest Bathroom.
I texted this to Laura and she texted back, "OMG, be careful!"
It's small…but is it scary?

This will down as the official Most Fun First Night Ever.
We met Joe and Dawn and had ourselves a blast.
We were on just a few hours of sleep but nobody every would have known!

Headed to the pools in the morning.

Relaxed by the pool and ocean for hours.

Until we headed to town for our first couple's massage.

Can't get enough from our view!

The second day we headed to our second resort.
Long story short….
there was a mix up last year.
We either got $500 cash back or three free nights in this resort.
Mark picked the resort.
We ditched our usual ocean front suite for two nights.
Turns out, ours truly is the very best!

"The Lounge" in the new place.

Not quite sold…..

Walk on the beach in the night….

Even though technically this resort was better…bigger…more beautiful….
"our" beach couldn't even be compared.  
Ours is SO much better.
That in itself would keep me from this place.
Windy and huge drop offs.

Ok, it wasn't THAT bad…..

The pool is the biggest in the Yucatan Pennisula

They are all unheated and pretty chilly.

I will never forget this moment.
I looked up and actually thought,
"God, I am so lucky."

He's going to admit these shoes are on their last leg...

Walking over to the mall on sight.

Picked up a new hat which I think suits him perfectly!

After a long day of drinking in the sun, then a steak dinner, we took a taxi to Puetro Morelos.
Because, really, we think we're locals after about 24 hours.
Yes, I'm serious.
The concierge tries to convince us that Puerto Morelos is a waste of time.
We get in the taxi.  He wants to know EXACTLY where we want to go in Puerto Morelos.
Mark said, "Where ever normal people get dropped off."
I kid you not, the guy said, "Normal people get dropped off in Cancun or Playa del Carmen."

Turned out to be a very memorable trip (from what I can remember!)!
It's a fisherman's village.
It's not developed.
It's freaking perfect.
Give it five years and it will be crawling with tourists!

Second Best Night Ever?!
Quite possibly, if only we could remember all the second nights….
The taxi driver and I ended up hugging in the street because we were both so happy in Puerto Morelos.
Supposedly he had only been drinking coffee…..

Up bright and early.
It wasn't that early…don't let us fool you…it was almost noon.
By far, Puerto Morelos was my roughest night in Mexico EVER.

This is "the best chicken sandwich" of Mark's life.
I was drinking water at this point…..he wasn't.

Their Lounge

Back at "our" resort this bird was so happy to see us his feathers were standing on end.
Let's be clear - so were mine.

Our Lounge
Look at those happy faces.

THEE Resort

Sunset in town.
Just had our second couple massage….

World's most expensive been in Mexico.

Sunset is amazing while walking thru town.

Quick pic by our favorite tree.
We taken so many pics by this tree over the years!

This is one of my very favorite pictures from the whole trip!

Dinner at Mi Pueblo.

Early morning.

Three mile walk down the beach at 7:30am.
We've been taking this walk for years.  
We call it the "Long Walk."
We've never taken it so early.
Simply gorgeous.

This was under water all the other years!

The most perfect 86 degree day.

Back to the Lounge before we headed back to town.

Love is in the air…
figuratively and literally!

A lemur and a the second world's smallest monkey.
It always seems like a better idea before I'm holding them.

This is the most perfect picture ever.
Heaven ;-)

Our last night.
The Japanese restaurant.
As usual the sushi was out of this world and the company was fantastic.
One of my favorite meals, always.

Our last sunrise.
We set our alarm.
But I got up took a few pics and went straight back to bed.
We left the door open to hear the ocean, but it was really hot that day.

The city continues to bless us with the most perfect weather and memories we could ever hope for.
We love the people, the language, the culture and each other.
Only 51 more weeks…..