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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Mistakes

Finally, after over an hour of searching I found the link to Victoria's preschool screening.
What took me so long was
1. I don't tag (turns out that's a mistake)
2. I couldn't remember what the titles meant and read and reread posts I hadn't read in a year or two.

My posts usually have a mistake or two or twenty.  I'm actually very picky about writing.  But my little blog (& the seven people who read it) really it's just for me.  Even more, I'm usually in a hurry or watching TV or at least rocking out to a couple of my favorite tunes.  Do I wish it was perfect ? Yep.  Will I go back to edit?  Not a chance in hell.  I actually considered paying someone to do it for me before I make it into a book, but it is what it is.

You can read the franticness is most posts.  I'm busy and just want to get it out.  I love to blog it's one of my favorite things to do.  I know the sooner I write about an experience the better it will be.  I do not think of myself as a good writer, at all.  I know I love to do it and sometimes it's scary to put out my feelings for others to read, but it's motivational.

I really love it.

Tonight while I was looking for that particular blog (see now I'll link it whenever I want) I was drawn to my own titles.  I try to think of title that are interesting.  Not necessarily titles that describe whatever I'm writing about.  It was fun trying to guess what the blog was about before I pulled it up.

I was extremely surprised to see about TEN that brought tears to my eyes.  That is exactly why I do THIS! It doesn't take long to forget what happened, how I felt, the details.

Somethings I would have never remember or even recalled one last time are in writing.
I have them. Forever.

Often I put off blogging until I have more time.  Time to get it together. Time to make it perfect.  Tonight I convinced myself that should not be the case.  The more I blog the more I have written down.

It's not going to be perfect.

Not one post I read tonight with a mistake did I think, man, I should have slowed down or not have posted this.  Nope. Not. A. One.

Wish I had more blogs with mistakes.  It is what it is.

It is extremely rare I go back to read posts.  One, because if I have time to do that, I'd rather be posting.

But tonight made me see the significance in what I'm doing.

And I love it, mistakes and all.

Preschool Screening Part II

Christian's preschool screening is on Wednesday.  The city makes it very difficult for a working mom to take their children to this screening.  Last time, (I'd LOVE to put a link here but I can't find it!  My own blog!) I took Victoria I had to take her at night.  Nearly her bedtime.  What a great time to test a three or four year old.  However, with Victoria I knew, it wouldn't matter what time of day.

With our little dude, I know he'll do well, but when he's tired it's a whole different story.  But it doesn't matter because they don't offer night times any more anyway.  So the ONLY way I can get him in is to take off school.  That's completely ridiculous since the city gets paid for each child brought in.  What are they thinking??

Therefore, Wednesday I have off from school to take little man in.  When I was pregnant with him I heard the 'second child' stories.  How parents 'slack' on the second one.  Nope, not me, I vowed.  I lied.  I was in denial.  I didn't know.  It's so true.

Our (very nearly) four year old still can't spell his name.  I mean, just say the letters.  He's close.  But he can't.  He can barely write a C.  Ok, he can't actually write a C but he's close.  I don't work with him nearly enough.  I have daily guilt about this.  Now with this 'test' looming I decided a cram session needs to be in session.

Today we had a fun time with touch and feel letter flash cards.  He only missed two.  He thought Y was V and I was T.  Pretty close.  I practiced shapes with him.  He missed triangle and rectangle and after I told him he got them every single time.  Could it be I NEVER did shapes with him?  I hope you're shaking your head saying, "Can't be!"  But I'll admit, it's a possibility.  It's hard to keep everyone happy and make time to work with one, one on one.  Right now I'm all about reading with Victoria.  Since she's not getting what she needs in kindergarten I need to give it to her at home.

But it's difficult to do a guided reading session each night (when I'm so tired) when I did two or three during the day.  Sometimes I just want to paint their little hands and make Valentine projects (like tonight).

However, I DO need to step it up for the baby of the family.  Time to hold that pencil.  Time to sit still.  Time to get to work.  He loves the attention.  I need to be more thoughtful of it.  I have about 60 hours until his test.

I need to find my cheat sheet of a blog to remember what they test.