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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Six Hours

Last night Christian had his second tball game.  His cheering fan section was in full effect.  Despite the rain that is.  Would brought chairs, umbrellas, a stroller, a diaper bag and (of course) a baby.  This poor baby was passed around in the rain while being held with just a receiving blanket around him and his thin little hood up.  I don't believe he was cold, he was good and snuggled up to each and every person who held him, but still, poor kid was out in the rain for crying out loud. He cried the entire (3 miles) home.  When we got home I gave him a warm bath (which he loved) fed him lots of delicious warm milk, put warm jammies on him and cuddled him up on the couch while we both fell asleep.  Mark put him in his cradle at 9:30 and I also went to bed.  Two nights ago we moved the cradle to his room, right inside the door, so his little squeaks don't wake me up all night.  He slept until 3:30am!  That's six straight hours of sleep.  I woke at 2am (Christian woke me actually to tell me he would like to sleep on the floor in my room - he was promptly directed back to the comforts of his own bed).  I needed to pump or feed something fierce but I knew he'd wake soon enough.  I guess he was all worn out from an exciting night of tball.  Hopefully we have better weather for Victoria's game tonight but the same end result!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Where's the Sleep?

Last week I had a couple rough days on the home front.  Brecken was only happy when he was being held, which is fine for the first half of the day then I start to get tired and look around the house at the 100 things I'd like to get done, and then my shoulders start aching from holding him and I feel guilty for not giving more time to Christian.  I start to daydream about Mark coming home and saving me only for me to promptly fall asleep as soon as I hand off the baby to him.  Then I got some good sleep over the weekend, had to feed Brecken only ONCE on Sunday night, got recharged and we had the best day ever yesterday.  When Mark walked in the door I said, "I was Stay at Home Mom Extraordinaire today!!"  Which I really was.  Brecken slept great.  I made an effort to watch his cues and made sure he went to sleep every single time he showed he was sleepy and made sure he wasn't over stimulated all day long.  He slept a lot and when he was awake he was always happy and smiled a lot.  I got a ton done around the house and even stayed up late enough to catch the TWINS game in its entire 11 innings.

But then.....Brecken would not stay asleep.  All effing night long.  Sleep for an hour..wake.  Sleep for an hour...wake.  Begins to drive you completely crazy by the 4th hour of exhaustion.  At 2:30 I finally had it and put him in his carseat and walked him around the house.  It's my last resort but it always works.  I just don't want it to become a bad habit.  But this time, holy crap, even that wouldn't get him to sleep.  I was pretty frustrated and at 2:40am I grabbed my car keys and put the baby in the car.  I thought, this is dramatic but at least I know it will work FOR SURE.  I figured I'd take a 5 min drive and he'd be out and I'd be out too - when I got home of course.

However, after FORTY minutes the kid was still making noise!!!!!!  I actually wondered out loud if he would ever sleep again.  Clearly the problem was he was so over tired he couldn't settle down.  I finally gave in and came home.  I nursed him and feel asleep as I heard the birds begin to chirp with him in bed with Mark and me and eventually he fell asleep and slept in this morning.

REALLY hoping for more sleep tonight!

I started writing this, this morning.  It's now nearly 2am the following night and I've gotten four full hours already tonight.  Yeah!