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Friday, October 14, 2011

Close Call

Our Little Lady turned 5 1/2 this morning.

I taught yesterday then had conferences until 8.  I got home at 8:30.  I was in bed by 9.  Christian had two accidents and Victoria was up coughing and thought she was going to throw up.  I was up a lot!  Mark got up at 5:30 and I said I need to try to sleep a bit more.  As I was trying to doze off I realized the Birthday Bird hadn't come yet!  She flew downstairs to find some cre paper and a couple balloons.  She was tiptoeing all over stretching to reach the top of V's door.  She went back down and the male version of the Birthday Bird came down and grabbed an old pair of Birthday sunglasses, one more balloon and some purple plastic silverware wrapped in a napkin from a shower over a year ago. 

As the tape hit the wall little feet came running down the hall with a hoarse voice yelling, "The Birthday Bird came!  I'm five and a half!!"  Which led to another pair of feet running down the hall.

She threw on her glasses and they both opened the silverware in excitement. 
Now, that, was a close call!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Squash Story Continues.

Overall my toe was much better today.  I got up early (technically I just skipped other things in my usual morning ritual and actually slept until Christian called me to rise) to soak my toe.  The doctor said this is the best thing to help my toe.  I soaked it good last night and this morning and took another handful of Advil and was on my way. 

Last night at story, Victoria saw my toe uncovered and nearly tossed her cookies.  She rubbed my shoulders and said, "Mommy, I wish that didn't happen to you."  Then this morning she 'reminded' me not to "drop another squash on my toe."  When I told her I didn't drop one on my toe in the first place she (snottily) replied, "Well, it doesn't really matter, does it?" 

Overall today the toe held up well except when I was walking out of the lounge talking to Laura and tripped on the threshold and grabbed the wall in pain.  It throbbed for about 45 min. after another large dose of Advil.  Then as I was saying good-bye to my students at the very end of the day a large eight year old boy walked right across the top of it.

I yelled his name and doubled over.  If I could go back in time I would never have yelled.  I felt/feel so bad.  He looked so sad and I said while fake smiling, "It was an accident.  Don't worry.  Do your homework and have a good night."  Then I walked out of the classroom and Laura and Amanda were saying, "What?! What's wrong?" Before I even got to them.  That's because the pain that is coming from this toe is so intense I have to call on my Lamaze breathing at times.  My body goes into full sweat mode when it gets bumped.

We had dinner with my parents tonight and I felt too embarrassed to pull up a chair next to the table for my toe even though it throbbed harder and harder through the meal.  Before I removed today's bandage I noticed some blood leakage through several layers of gauze.  It was totally stuck to my toe.  Again, very painful to remove. 

When I got it off I realized it seems the slice slit back open and it appears the insides of the toes are beginning to pop out of the slice.  I can no longer bend it.  I think I need some serious antibiotics, serious time to soak it and some serious keep this toe in the air time. 

One good thing.  Next week isn't Mexico week.  THANK GOD! 

One bad thing: Conferences Thursday and Friday.  :-(  Two very long days is not what I need.

I have a feeling I will be back at the doctor soon.  I just hope it's the same one or I think I have to bring the squash back again to so he/she grasps the full effect.

By the way, is it weird I ate squash for lunch today?  It was THE butternut but it was her cousin. ;-)

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Squash Attack

This morning I was hurrying around the kitchen.  I was packing Victoria's lunch.  I reached into the pantry for a baggie and stubbed my toe on a Butternut Squash we purchased yesterday. 

I've been totally obsessed with squash in the last couple weeks - I found out they are ZERO PointsPlus!!  Therefore I've purchased a dozen various squash in the last two weeks.

I had 5 squash in a bag on the kitchen floor. I slammed my toe so hard into the little sucker a large chunk got lodged under my toenail.  At first, when I dropped to the floor, I thought I broke it.  I was laying on the floor holding my toe telling the kids to get daddy.  Mark came out and saw the blood and got me on a chair then looked at the squash and started to freak out.  We could see the chunk sticking out from in between the toe nail and skin so he got the tweezers and started digging.  I was huffing and puffing and grunting through the pain telling the kids to get downstairs because they were starting to get scared. 

Finally he backed off - I thought he was going to say he got it all - but no - he said, "I can't do this you gotta get to the doctor."  I tried to walk it off - limp it off actually - and finish getting our things together.  He carried my bags and got the kids into the car.  As I was driving away I was trying to figure out if I should really go to the doctor or not.  Every block I drove it throbbed more and more, so I called.  9:40 appt now seemed like forever away.  I called Laura and said I would be in to drop my things off and then I'd head to the appt.  Every minute that passed the pain got worse.  I called back and had them check three other clinics.  9:40 was as good as it was going to get.  I decided the pain was so bad I was just going to go and sit at the clinic and hope a miracle would happen. 

After texting people, playing a couple games of Tetris and watching old people and a pregnant teenager come and go my name was finally called.  The nurse was shocked about my squash story and even more shocked when I pulled the squash out of my purse to show how much was stuck in there.  She wanted to show other nurses the chunk that was gone.  

Finally the doctor came in and with the largest tweezer and huge set of magnifying headgear glasses and a bright light she went to work poking, prodding and pulling at the flesh under my left big toe.  To say it hurt is an understatement.  My fists were clenched over my face and I was doing my best to be quiet and not kick her in the face.  I just wanted it to be over and I envisioned her rubbing soothing numbing cream all over it when she was done. 

But nope.  No cream since the wound was so open.  She threw some glue on there and called in the nurse to bandage it up.  My voice cracked when I asked for a shot of 'something.'  It hurt sooo bad!

She would give me a shot but since the actual affected area was relatively small a shot would numb nearly half my foot and I wouldn't be able to walk.  I still considered it.  But passed.  Then took a handful of Advil.

The nice nurse bandaged me up and gave me extra gauze, gauze sleeves and tape.  She made sure I had my squash when I left. 

I went to school thanking goodness I had a staff development day and I could sit down for most of the day with my poor toe elevated.

I don't know if tomorrow is going to be better or worse. . .