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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two Months

Two Months

Brian & Tammey

Just a random picture from Brecken's first two weeks.  It's my Uncle Brian and Auntie Tammey.  They are so cute!  They don't have children of their own, but they are so good to every other child!

Bowling for the First Time

Last week I took C, V and B bowling.  We had a great time.

Sometimes we danced back.

Sometimes we just posed.

Mommy was LOSING!

Then Mommy went down two pounds and her pelvis wasn't screaming at her!

Better than knocking the pins down we realized Brecken 
was starting to hold his own bottle.

Then we slammed his whole fist in there.

But he was happy.
And so were we.

And we danced back some more.

And held our bottle again.

Then we met Great Grandpa for lunch.
82 yr old + 5 yr old eating cookies = Adorable!

Excellent Day!

Shots- Not the Good Kind

Mark had some serious shots put into his back last week as an outpatient surgery.
  Brecken was clearly concerned as we waited for him.


You're changing so fast I can't keep up.  You're growing up faster than I'm used to.  You sit up when you feel like it and I love it.

Then you lean over and start eating grass like a little goat and I laugh and pull that clover and blades of grass out of your mouth.

Then we get home and you're so happy just to sit and look at me.
We are totally best buddies.

The more I smile the more you smile.

It's the best!

Even if your fingers are in your mouth 
I can see the smile in your eyes.

You move all over.
I'd rather have a blurry picture than nothing!

Your bright blue eyes.

That gummy smile.

You've got me.
Wrapped around your finger!

Seriously, naked baby.
Nothing cuter!





Your brother loves  you almost as much as I do.

Pure Love!

He would do anything for you.
He says you are more important than anyone.

You are so lucky!

Just Watching

Here's Christian through the screen watching the guy change my windshield.
It was about 85 degrees.
He had two bomb pops then went in stood in the shade of the tree.

This kid is itching to work.

Johnny as Tom

My mother in law Jeanne thinks Johnny looks like Tom Cruise.  It's a running joke in the family.  I was at Walmart one day and say this poster and asked C to stand next to it.  He was actually scared since Tom had marks on his face.  I told him Mama Jeanne think Uncle Johnny looks like him.  He said Uncle Johnny is only a little scary but this guy is really scary! 

Give Me a Pear

He is really really into pears lately.  He'll eat two a day.  
He'll say, "Can I have something healthy like a pear?"


Mark takes Christian to Charlie's to get his hair cut.  It's a little barber on the corner of WB Ave.  He does the BEST job.  I took Christian to Great Clips and the poor kid looked a mess for a month. I decided since I'm home all day I'd bring C to Charlie's myself.  I was a little nervous.  Kind of like the new kid on the block heading into school.  C was really confident and headed right in and told me how to get in.  We got in and were totally looked at like, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS LADY DOING HERE WITH HERE BABY AND LITTLE KID?

But once you're in, you're in.  So I tried to be relaxed and cool like I belong.  I sat back and wait for the one of two costumers to finish until C was called. Until then I texted Mark some vulgar texted wondering why in the H#$% he's been taking out kid to this sh&^ hole that is so disgusting I'm holding my breath.  However, you do see I actually put the carseat on the disgusting floor.

Then C was called and hopped right up and Charlie hugged him.  Then Charlie joked with him about why I took him somewhere else, and that's the hair cut you get if you don't come to Charlie's.

Then he said if you don't come back I'll cut your ear off.  (Believe me I can't make this shit up!) Poor C looked nervous and I immediately texted Mark and he reassured me that's what he says every time.  Oh Goody!
Charlie gave him a great hair cut for cheaper than anywhere and gives the biggest suckers has a lot of East Side culture up in there.

Would I go back?

I'd rather Mark take him.  But I would

Sebastian's Big ONE!

Our friend Sebastian turned one a couple weeks ago and we got to celebrate his birthday last Sunday.
I'm a huge fan of huge kids' birthday parties.  This one took the cake.  Literally and figuratively.

It was Mickey Mouse themed.

She used our cake lady from Victoria's 5th birthday party. :-)

I was the photographer and used her camera to capture nearly 200 photos of the day.
Therefore, I only have a few I took on my camera phone.

There was a face painter.

There were personalized Mickey Mouse backpacks filled with personalized gifts.
Brecken even got one filled with rattles and baby food!

It was held at a pavilion at park in Woodbury and there were activities everywhere along with a playground on site.

Let's just say if you are wearing Minnie Mouse ears, have your face painted, are wearing a backpack filled with stuff you love and are digging for treasures...pretty sure it's the Best Party Ever!

Brecken begged to go in the ball pit:-)

Right before we left we got a good one of The Birthday Boy Sebastian, Odelis, Brecken and me.
I dream of the good times these little boys will have together!

When we got home I captured some of the details.
Popcorns bags to take home.

The invite.
Turms out the address and directions are on the back!
It hung on my fridge for two months and the GPS couldn't find it so I had to call O while the party was in progress. Embarrassing!!

Personalized backpacks!

Cookies to take with!

It was amazing!!!!

No detail was left!!!

We only have 8 months left to get only planning Brecken's first Big One!
I'm inspired!

Kuddos to O for being a fantastic Mommy for his first year of life
and providing and amazing party for family and friends!!!!

Baby Brecken

Laura sent this picture me a couple weeks ago.
Brecken was less than one week old. 

Kelsey's Wedding

I am the oldest grandchild on my dad's side.  When I was 8 & 10 my little cousins Abbey and Kelsey were born.  I remember when they were so little they were in a play pen (back then that's what we now call a Pack N Play) and I was reaching over the side to touch them.  

In 2005 they were both in my wedding.

I watched Abbey get married three years ago.

Then last Saturday, I witnessed Kelsey get married too.  It was like my life was flashing before my eyes.  Between thinking of them as little girls I was also thinking how close Victoria is so getting married.  (I understand we're about 20 years away but time flies!)

Here's Abbey with the Best Man.
I love the Bridesmaid's dresses. 

The Bride and her Daddy.
He is my Godfather and truly one of the best fathers I know.
He is amazing and would do anything for his girls.  

Hugging her Daddy 'good - bye'.

First kiss.

 I don't think Kelsey could have a better suited dress for herself.
It was gorgeous!!!

Auntie Kathy, Me, Abbey & Kelsey all got our wedding dresses at the same spot.

The wedding and reception were both held at a Country Club.

I am SO glad I asked for this picture right after the reception.
She is so beautiful and happy!

We had a great time during dinner.
I kept saying we were at the "Fun Table."
That means we were sat with Brian and Tammey:-)

Uncle Dave and Grandpa

Brian and Tammey

They are so cute and funny!

This picture sums up my family.
Not sure who photo bombed but it's still cute.  

My grandpa and his five children.
My dad was a senior in high school when Uncle Scott was in kindergarten.
Isn't that so cute?

Wayne and me with all of them.

My brother (and his clip on tie) and me

Pretty sure this was late into the night.....

 This is my favorite picture of the night.
I don't have many pictures of just my grandpa and me.
I will treasure this forever and I am going to frame it for him.

Here's her 'Guest Book'
It was so beautiful. I wish more people would have done it.

It was a very fun night that went on until 4am.

Still hard to believe my little cousins are married women!