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Monday, September 17, 2012

Today I

I am amazed that I am still awake.  It's 9:10pm and I'm still sitting up and I'm wide awake.  Thank you trimester two!!!!  I've been waiting for you!  As the day winds down I am amazed at all I've accomplished - on top of teaching all day.  You see, I usually yawn the whole way to the car and sometimes can barely even eat the take out dinner Mark brought in.  It feels good to be productive.
So here you go, since I left school I.....

* picked up the ten individualized cards I made this weekend at WalMart
* went to the pet store and bought more dog food and surprised the heck out of the kids by saying they could each buy a fish - and I bought a tiny little silver and black one for Baby.
* made dinner, fed the fam and cleaned it all up
* went to Hallmark to get the cards that I didn't want to make and WalMart.  The classical music was playing and it smelled so darn good.  I think I should get a part time job there. Ha, that was a joke.  I think I should just shop there more:-)
* Purchased my 81 year old grandpa a gift for his birthday party tomorrow
* Gave two kids a bath
* Read bedtime stories
* Tucked two kids into bed (Mark was on Honey Will You Make This For Me? project duty tonight)
* Set up the paypams account for Victoria's lunch account and added enough money that should get her through the year.  (She only like pizza days)
* Called 18 of my 22 students houses to praise them.  Well I praised 17 of the 18 anyway.  The one unlucky mom will get to have a conference with the principal and myself this week.
* Filled out and sent out cards
* Added school dates into my school calendar
* went through all mail and bills
Now I'm off to read the magazine I purchased at WalMart just so I can read about Giulianna's new baby.  I'm ready to relax.

Now that I'm not so tired....I just hope I can sleep.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fishing on the Mississippi

One Labor Day weekend suddenly Mark said, "Who wants to go river fishing on the Mississippi?"  I looked at him like he was crazy.  I was falling asleep in the car and suddenly we're going fishing.  It was a trip down Memory Lane for him.  Every step we took down the half mile path was led to a statement such as, "One time when I fished down here...."

So we showed up to the bank of the Mississippi with a couple pools, a heavy tackle box, a cooler and a couple chairs.  And of course the Stinky Hot Dog bait.  On our way Mark said - this is a direct quote,
"We're gonna catch some big ones today!  They're going to be so big you'll have to reel them in like this!"  Demonstrating catching the largest fish in history.  Then he ended with, "I guarantee it!!"  I interrupted, "Let's not guarantee anything and just see what happens."  "No, seriously, I GUARANTEE it!  I've never not caught a big one down there!"  "You should never guarantee anything to them,"  I warned.

Even though fishing was unsuccessful (I bet you saw that one coming), 
we had a fun time looking for special rocks and exploring.