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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Christian's 7th Water Park Birthday….finally

Waaaay back in on January 28th this adorable boy turned 7.  Seriously, hard to believe, he is seven.  We had his friend birthday party on February 14th at Water Park of America.  We LOVE this place.  LOVE it.  We love it when it's just our family but it's even better when friends are along for the ride!

Look at this - teeth are almost in - smile.  He's so happy!  And this was the night before the guests arrived.

Adorable.  And Happy.  Perfect.

Christian's friend since daycare days.

Papa showed up, unannounced, no ticket to get in, dressed in his (super warm) Sunday's Finest with a "cake."  It was more like the World's Strongest PiƱata.

 He got several cards that sing.  Not much is funnier to a seven year old than a dancing, singing hamster birthday card.

Some new TWINS gear among loads of other gifts.

I love this pic so much I had it made into a magnet.  

Victoria holding Brecken on the water slide.  Not only does she do an amazing job watching him but he loves her so much he holds his little hand out and follows her wherever she wants to take him.

Oops, how did this one get in here? ;-)

We were laughing and hanging out and he put his little feet up and grabbed my magazine and said, 
"Look I'm Mommy.  Oh, here's that coupon I've been looking for."
He cracks me up.

He doesn't even hesitate. 
He owns this place.

Dippin' Dots after an extremely long and fun day.

Laura and her family weren't able to make it until the early evening.
We found our second wind and had a fun well into the night.

This little dude was fast asleep tucked in, in his pack 'n' play in the closet.
But the next morning he was freshening up by putting deodorant on his shoulders.

The next morning he was exhausted.
We left before we even had to.

These two have been friends since they were born….
not that they had much choice;-)

Last ride on the Flow Rider.
She can beat most of the boys..and grown men.

On our way back up to the hotel room at the end of the night.

So much has happened since that super fun weekend. 
It's fun to look back on it…..
now that his half birthday is next week!