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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Rat? A Opossum? A. . .

Muskrat?  Last night we went to dinner with my parents.  They came back to our house to play.  I went downstairs to get my pj's on and it was pouring rain.  I heard a scratching on the egress window.  Then even a tapping.  I ran up to tell Mark and my dad.  They laughed, thinking I was just hearing things and maybe it was hailing. 

This morning at 6am I was turned the light on to get dressed and the same scratching and then tapping.  This time I ran upstairs shaking Mark awake TELLING him, SOMETHING IS IN THE WINDOW WELL!  And it's been there all night!  My strong and masculine husband stood up thinking about what to do and got a flashlight and then handed it to me and said, "Since you're not as scared as me," and handed me the flashlight. 

I went out in the dark with my little flashlight and there it was. . .a huge rat?  a small opossum?  It wasn't unti the sum finally rose that were able to see that rodent's face.  It was a large muskrat. 

Finally Mark came out to take a look.  He eventually placed (threw) a board down in hopes that it would climb right out on it's own will.  In the meantime, Victoria called Papa to come over and 'rescue' the muskrat. 

Christian wanted us to lower him down with a bucket to get it.  He assured us he could get it in hands and not get bitten.  He cried when he got in the car to go to daycare.  He wanted to rescue that muskrat himself.

At 8:22 today Papa "rescued" the muskrat with a post hole digger.  The muskrat ran into the neighbor's yard. 

What a frazzled morning it was!  Let's hope tomorrow is a little smoother. .  .

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Family Tradition

The fall is when we have one of my favorite family traditions.  Move over Thanksgiving.  Look out Easter.  Halloween is moving up the rungs to the top of the list.  Lendt's pumpkin patch is where the fall magic begins.
Take a look at how it all began.

This is the following afternoon from going to Lendt's in 2008. (Where are those pictures??  I wasn't as organized in '08 as I am now.)

Last year.  Notice the height difference.

 I tried to get them to stand together this year. But it didn't happen.  Next year I'll try harder.

I love comparing year after year.  It never seizes to amaze me how fast each year flies by and how much my kids change in just 365 days.  They look different.  They certainly act differently.  They are different little people and it is so cool.

We were blessed with extremely gorgeous weather and looked and looked for the most perfect pumpkins.  I took over 100 pictures in those couple hours.  I wanted to capture every moment and breath it in and savior it.  My kids, running around a pumpkin patch, being silly, being serious, being strong and laughing. 

Lendt's Pumpkin Patch will be a family tradition for years to come!

                                            I can only imagine what he'll try in 2011. . .

Victoria's Halloween Party

One of my favorite things as a mommy is seeing my kids in their lives without me. 

Last week I was lucky enough to stop in to Victoria's Halloween Party.  I didn't know if I'd be able to make it so I didnt' tell her.  It was a totally surprise and boy oh boy was Daphne happy to see me.

That is some hair!!

                                                      Ready to fill that bag with candy!!!!

It was so cute.  The teacher's assistants helped the kids get ready and then ran upstairs to open the random church doors to give out candy.

          Spread a large amount of frosting on one poor little pumpkin cookie.  The joys of being four!

Jenna and Victoria - BFFs

I'm so happy I got to see her in her school routine and watch the patient teachers interact with the class.  Watch Victoria and how she interacts with her classmates and teachers.  Being a working mom, I know I'm going to miss field trips and parties in the years to come, which makes the ones I attend all the more special.