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Friday, August 12, 2011

Crazy Penis Problems

I told Christian to go potty before we left for the park.  He yelled from the bathroom, "Mommy! My penis went crazy and I peed all over!  I know you're not going to be happy about that!"

It could be worse, let me tell ya!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lovin' Summer

I just love this picture.

If Ya Gotta Go You Gotta Go

Victoria is notorious for having to poo at every restaurant as soon as the food is served.  Our relatives out in CO found that out last week.  I was sitting next to Ted when our piping hot chicken was served and I got the whisper - she had to go.  Not a shocker.

Sometimes I get annoyed.  That evening in CO, she saw I was annoyed and apologized while sitting there on this public toilet her little feet dangling in the air.  I felt sad.  It was what it was.  She had to go.  From now on, I would be careful to not let her know how much I dislike standing in a stall looking all around but at her waiting for her to get the job done.

Yesterday after the zoo, we stopped by Snuffy's Malt Shop for lunch.  Who doesn't love some ice cream before their meal on a hot summer afternoon.  Everything was going well.  Everyone was behaved and loving our strawberry malt we were sharing and then the food was served.  I ordered a delicious grilled cheese, bacon and tomato sandwich.  The kids were digging into their food then I got the whisper. 

This time I was careful to be so kind and I had strategically picked the table closest to the bathroom.  Quite possibly the worst seat in the house, but being close to the bathroom is so important.  So I led her to the bathroom and told her I'd be right outside the door, no need to yell for me, I'd be back in two minutes.  I sat down with Christian for another minute of so then popped my head in the bathroom - she needed more time.  I sat back down with him then went back again.  She was done so I told Christian to come in with me.  He went too as I help her, then helped them both wash their hands and we walked back out to find

our table had been cleared and two people were sitting at it!

I was so stunned I wasn't even sure what to do!  We were standing about three feet from these people when we walked out and Victoria pointed right at them and said loudly, "Hey! What are they doing at our table and where's me cheeseburger?!"  

I stopped the first server I saw and told him what happened then the kids and I slinked into the closest table - right across from 'our' table.  It was so awkward. So weird.  The waitress came over and apologized then the manager did the same.  He remade the kids' food, I had lost my appetite.  Then insisted on making us a malt while we waited.  Next thing we knew we had three huge chocolate malts.  The kids were in heaven as we all glared at the couple in 'our' table.  Their food came.  It was hardly touched since they had just consumed more ice cream than they had all summer combined. 

Lunch was on the house - duh! And we were outta there. 

I can't remember a more awkward meal in all my life.

But I am left with a hankering for a grilled cheese, tomato and bacon sandwich today. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Second Annual Trip to Yogi

When we arrived home last year from Yogi, we immediately began planning this year's trip.
It was that good.

This year was even better!

In the first hour at the pool, I had just began relaxing in the lazy river with my girlfriends.
When one of the husbands came over to tell me Christian got hurt and Mark needs help.
Shocking?! I think not!

He fell about couple feet down on his forehead in two inches of water on cement.
I ran and got a bag of ice and iced him for half an hour and he was off and running again!

There's our little gang.
V & C and Joey and Rosie.

Loving the pool - notice the bruise forming on his forehead.
That's as bad as it got - not bad!

Christian loves the pretty ladies!

Enjoying our one and only bonfire in the 90+ degree weather.

Laura's birthday all the girls with our girls.

Everyone wore a bday tiara in honor of Laura.

The kis loved their 'private' loft.

The waterslides were a hit a day long day after day!

200 gallons of water dumps every 20 minutes or so.
They love it!

Hangin' with his buddy Tony.

The girls playing Rumikib for Laura's bday.

Catching up on celebrity news.

It's not a real summer afternoon without ice cream!

Tony following the golfcart in the Jeep.

Late night (7:30pm) game of Zingo.

Building our own Yogi, Booboo and Cindy.

They loved them even though they didn't get to help make them at all.

There's a reason the Jiffy Pop says, "Do not cook on an open fire."
Doesn't work!

Christian swimming tadpole style.

Mark tried to bike back with the kids up a very steep hill.
He didn't make it.
He had to get off and walk it up the hill even though the rest of us were right ahead of him on the golfcart.

Amanda and Rosie
Two cuties!

Victoria snorkeled for three hours in 8 inches of water.
She loved it!

This is Christian's Store.
He sat in that little circle and 'sold' stuff out of his suitcase.

Relaxing at dusk with a beer.

Which continued into the night. . .

Unfortunately, Christian woke up at 5am ready to rock 'n' roll.
I didn't want him to wake anyone else so we grabbed the golfcart key and headed out.
We did get to see the sun rise.

The only thing that was open was the beach.
So we swam, in our clothes.

Don't I look well rested?

We stopped for donuts for everyone and drove around the entire campground several times.

It was a nice time together.

On the last day we tried out the indoor waterpark.
It was gorgeous and so fun!
It was great being out of sun after three days of extreme heat and no clouds in the sky.

The Burns Crew and the Humphrey Crew.
Enjoying one of the several hot tubs.
Notice how Victoria is on the Burns side?
I know Amanda is super fun bu really?! ;-)

Christian & Rosie went down the adult green slide.
We were surprised there wasn't a height requirement.
Buy they loved it.

It was another wonderful trip to Yogi.
The best part is spending time with the Burns family.
We absolutely adore them and we're already looking forward to next year!