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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brecken's Post-Op

Brecken had his post-op today.  The surgeon came in and shook my hand and then put his hand on my should and said, "I want you to know I prayed for you and your family last time I saw you."  Since just three weeks ago he called it a 'tragedy'  I wasn't surprised.  He checked Brecken over and said he's "Cautiously optimistic" and we need to go back in three months for an ultrasound for more conclusive information.  However, so far, so good.

You Know You're Tired

You know you're tired when you drive right past the school you've worked at for over a decade and forgot to drop your child off.

You know you're tired when you're on your way to Toys R Us but suddenly find yourself in the parking lot of Walmart in a different city.

I think it's a good day for a nap.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Used to Be Baby

Just over three weeks ago, Christian was my baby.  Suddenly, he became our middle child.  Since then he's grown.  Physically and emotionally.  I'm not sure how much he's actually physically grown in the last 23 days, but man, I can really tell.  I can tell when I hold his hand and I notice it's thicker and stronger.  I notice when I pick him up and take him to his own bed in the dead of the night when, once again, he comes in to peek at his brother and falls asleep hanging off the side of my bed.  I notice when he's standing next to Victoria and she doesn't have but maybe an inch on him.  He's grown emotionally too.  I notice when he grabs a dirty diaper and tosses it in the trash without being told or expecting a compliment.  I notice when he grabs a Nuk for Brecken just because he's fussing.  I notice when he can get completely ready, including brushing his teeth, all without even being told.  I notice when he gently sings the ABC's to the baby and then smiles and walks again.

Suddenly my 'baby' turned into a big boy when I wasn't looking.