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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Love Quotes

If you want to say something, put it in writing, otherwise it's just a thought.
- Uncle Bob (no infringement applied if Ted reads this:)  Mark's hoping for the book.

How Lucky I Am

One of my favorite things right now is reading blogs.  I especially loves ones that moms write about their daily lives.  One of my all time favorites is written by a woman in FL who has a daughter with down syndrome.  She doesn't mention it every post.  But it's there.  Last weekend her baby took a header on their ceramic tile floor.  Another one I really like is written by a mom with FIVE kids and the 'baby' has a disability they're still trying to completely figure out.  There was a birth defect and more and more issues are coming to light.  I read a few other blogs written by moms too.  With kids we all have some issue going on. 

Last night I was frustrated from being up so much the night before.  Three loads of laundry begging me to fold them.  I was hoping Christian would sleep better.  I was mad at the dog for pooping on the floor (if only someone would shovel the poor thing a path out the back door darling:). 

I went to bed thinking, "Why me?" 

Then when I got to school in a good mood this morning and brought a friend a double dose of her favorite drink because her father just had surgery yesterday and she looked exhausted and sad.  I thought, I better just get over myself and be thankful I have what I have. 

Two healthy kids. 

Who am I to complain?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christian's Actual Third Birthday

Loving his big boy Mickey Mouse bike.
His birthday was a work day at school.  Mark brought the kids and the bike up to school so Christian could practice riding it up and down the hall.

We brought the kids to McDonald's for breakfast.  They looked adorable drying their hands before eating.

When I got home Christian was still napping.
As soon as he got up we headed off to the Children's Museum.  One of his all time favorite spots.
I love that sweatshirt he's wearing!
Warning: I Am Three
I told every stranger who would listen that it was his birthday!

This is definitely the Humphrey Hot Spot.
The kids love to play in the water and with the bubbles.
It's my favorite spot too!
That big one Victoria is about to catch/pop was made by me:)

Ride 'em chicken?!

Christian had to wait very patiently for his turn to 'drive' the bus.

I climbed into the ant tunnel just for this shot.
Then I was outta there.  Another perk of having the kids getting bigger.  I don't have to climb through the pint size tunnels on all fours chasing them around or guiding them through.

Too impatient to wait for the elevator.

Look at that smile. She's looking at herself in a mirror.

The theme of this seasonal display was artwork.
That's one cute picture, if you ask me:D

We take a picture with Ronald either on the way in or out just about every trip.  I don't know if Christian was waiting for him to wink or what but he couldn't take his eyes off him.

Our very own Mona Victoria.

The beaver tunnel.

This was taken a couple days later with Christian's Godfather, Uncle John.

I can't wait until his digital scrapbook of the last year comes in!
He's going to love looking back at how he's grown, almost as much as I will.

A Stuffed Nose

Last night I had a dream Christian's adenoids grew back - and this time they were even bigger.
That's probably because he has a super stuffed nose and crawled in bed with me with the saddest little voice at about 2am.  He tossed and turned and cuddled and fell right off the side of my bed - which is a whole lot higher than his toddler bed!  He cried and cried at 5am because I wouldn't turn on cartoons.  Then fell peacefully asleep in my arms until I ever so slowly moved him aside at 7am.  I knew time was ticking and I had to get ready for school but he needed more sleep so bad.  So I slipped out of there and literally tip toed down the hall.  It was worth the extra rush to get out the door because he was happy when he got up.  He immediately began arranging his dominoes.  He was silent on the way to Kris' house.  I hope he sleeps better tonight!

Spring - Will it Ever Arrive??

Spring was in the air last week.  It was in the 40s and 50s.  I didn't wear a jacket a few days.  The snow was melting.  The streets were substantially wider because of it.  We could see tiny bits of grass here and there.  I could actually see on coming traffic while waiting to turn a corner because the boulveards weren't five feet high with snow anymore. 

And then it snowed SIXTEEN inches this weekend.

Well, that just sucks!

I want/need/hope for spring!!!