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Friday, November 25, 2011

Just a Few More Days

Fianlly feeling a little bit better, except for the aching ribs.  We enjoyed Thanksgiving.  Even though I barely ate, there was lots of laughter and reminscing.  Watching Christian scarf down a large piece of pumpkin pie only to lean over the table to 'share' Papa's slice with him. 

Lazily getting ready for our annual trip to cut down our Christmas tree this morning.

Even though all that is well and good.  What I'm really excited about it packing today.  Packing the kids up for a few day stay at their good friend's Odelis' house.  Packing my bathing suits, snorkel gear and shorts and sandals.  Not forgetting those passports.

In a few days Mark and I will be in our own slice of Paradise.  We wait all year. And it's almost here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Wedding We're So Glad We Didn't Miss

Last January my friend Jennifer got engaged on New Year's Day while ice skating at Rockefeller Center in New York.  How's that for a show stopper?  I was soooo excited for her.  Virtually planning her bridal shower in my head while I listened to all the details.  A couple months into their engagement they set the date: October 22nd, 2011. 

For the past three years Mark and I have escaped and gone to Mexico over MEA. This meant I would miss the wedding.  For months we toyed with skipping the trip this year.  Changing to dates this year.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Finally I decided I would regret missing this wedding. 
If we missed a year in Mexico it would be worth it.  (In the end we did change the date.)

Here's proof it was a good choice:

My Girls pre-reception with our first bottle of champagne.

One of my favorite pics of the whole day.
Jeanne and Jennifer
The lighting was perfect right there.
If only I knew I would have taken many more there.

The reception.

This is one of my All Time Faves of us.
We are all teachers.
We are all friends.
We are all there for each other to lean on.
We are all there to support each other in every way.

Left to right (in case you don't know)
(Laura, Amanda, Jennifer, Kelly, Odelis and Amy)

My pictures at the ceremony didn't turn out well.
The following are borrowed from Facebook with Jennifer's permission.

Is Jennifer the most beautiful bride ever?!
That dress is fit for a celebrity.

She is typically a very happy person.
She has a gorgeous smile.
But on Oct. 22 she was over the moon happy
and that beautiful smile has never been brighter!

(Back to Kelly Quality pictures)

The First Dance

Breathtaking, just watching them.
I recorded it. . .vertical. . .I forgot it can't switch it back on the computer.

Taking turns giving Ben congratulatory hugs while whispering things like,
"Do you know how lucky you are?" jokingly (kinda) in his ear.

Odelis and Alex
Here she's freshly pregnant and very sober.
Unlike everyone else in the room.

Laura rockin' some song, quite possible Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby
 and Amanda is just hangin' on!

The Girls with the luckiest man in the building.

Alex and Odelis waiting patiently for dinner.

Sadly there isn't a single one of Mark and Me. 
I bet you were wondering if Mark was there.
Yes, he was.

It was a gorgeous day from the weather outside to the mood in the building.
From her dress to the flowers.
From the music to the midnight subs.
From the friends to the dancing.
Absolutely perfect.
I'm so very glad I was there to be part of it.

J, it couldn't have been more perfect!
Just like you and Ben.

I Love You 101

Last week Christian said, "Mommy, I love you so much.  I love you 100!"  I smiled and kissed and snuggled him.  A few days later I heard him tell Mark, "I love 101 Daddy!"  "What?!" I exclaimed.  "You love daddy more that mommy?"  "I love you 101 too Mommy!"  "Is that the biggest number you know?" I asked.  He just smiled hugging me. 

A couple days ago his little face was in the middle of a peanut butter sandwich.  PB was nearly to his ears and his mouth was full and he said, "I love peanut butter 200!"

Mark and I were both taken aback!  Both jokingly questioning his, "You love peanutbutter more that me?"  More than ME?"

"I wiwwy wiwwy wuv it!!" was his answer.