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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good Bye Diapers

Two nights in a row, Christian has slept through the night without an accident.  It's positively amazing!  The only problem is he's waking up between 5:00 and 5:30.  With Day Lights Savings Time looming I need to get him to sleep until at least 6 soon!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Memorable Week at School

I didn't go to school on Wednesday, so this week I taught Mon., Tues and Thurs so far.

It has been so much fun teaching this week!

Team 214 (2011-2012) and I are finally finding our groove. 

 Here are some highlights to write home about - literally if you're in my class.  Actual assignment for their conference folder: Write a letter to the parent/s that will be attending telling them about three awesome things we've done in second grade.

This week my letter would include:

* Math outside with sidewalk chalk to learn about perimeter (using Mark's real tape measure), right angles, and demonstrating the differences between a square, rectangle and triangle.

* Digging out a pumpkin as a class after all of us predicted its weight (21.5 lb.) and the amount of seeds inside (423).  I toasted them that night and they enjoyed them for snack the following day.

* While we traded off digging out the pumpkin other friends were making pumpkins and/or gourds out of pumpkin spice playdough and the rest of the friends were using oil pastels to try to recreate the gourds I placed on a stool at the center of the classroom.

Silence and happiness filled the room.  I was content looking at these students who are beginning to make me feel like I'm doing something right.  See, that's what happens when September comes to an end.

* Making a snack today using pretzels as firewood, Teddy Grahams as campers, Cheese Whiz as fire and candy corn as flames.  (I actually stole this idea from Ms. Joy - I just added the candy corn)  But after we read Berenstain Bears Go to Camp and made our snack, we went outside in the most gorgeous weather and had wheel barrow races, just like that Bears did.

Everyone was kind.  Everyone was laughing.  And I was snapping pictures.

-The camping theme comes from our reading story this week.  It's written by Cynthia Rylant.  I checked out 50 other books by her from the public library for silent & guided reading this week.  It is the best feeling when kids are happily digging through a pile of books.

So far, it's been a very memorable week for me and I hope for them as well. 
I better figure out something creative for tomorrow. 

If only I had a tent I'd pitch it in the middle of the room.  Oh, wait, Amanda already did that. 

Better think of something else. . .

A Reason to Celebrate

On the way to Kris' this morning Christian asked how long until it's his birthday.  We counted the months.  Nearly four months away.  His reply, in his most hopeful voice, "That's not very long, right Momma?"

"Nope not too long Buddy.  We better start planning that party!"

I ran with an idea Mark had.  Checked out a website.  Made a phone call.  We (may) have a brand new party place.  I want to check it out in person and with the fam but I think it has serious potential at being a totally amazing day!!!  Mark got off the phone and we were discussing details and he said, "We should really plan more parties.  They make you so happy!"

The Big F-O-U-R is going to be awesome.

But first, Lil' Miss is looking forward to the Birthday Bird visiting next week. . .somebody is turning 5 1/2 next Friday. 

The celebrations are the best part of life.

Another No More?!

Last time I bought a box of size 5 Pampers I put them in the cart at Walmart I thought: That may very well be the last box of diapers I buy for a child of mine. 

It really just might be.

Tonight he insisted on wearing underwear to bed.  I guess I really pumped him up the last couple mornings he had a dry diaper and got up at 12:45am to use the bathroom.

Not that I'm holding my breath that tonight will be a total success, but it is a step in the right direction.

No more water wings.  No more training wheels. 

No more diapers?!?!

We'll see.

Sing Me a Song

I've been sick for a couple weeks now.  It makes whisper singing lullabies very difficult.  In the last couple days it's gotten much worse.  After several tries to sing my girl's usual song she interrupted and asked if she should get me some water.  I said, "That's not going to help, my throat is just really sore."  Then she got off my lap.  I said, "Honey, we don't have to stop rocking just because I can't sing."  She said, "I'm going to rock you," then started pushing the chair back and forth and began singing her version of the song I made up for her. 

So very very sweet that little girl.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Grandpa Turned 80!!

My grandpa turned 80 last month.  It is pretty amazing to have two grandparents that each turned 80 this summer.

Even though Grandpa is 80 he still rocked it at his party.

I love this picture.
Too bad Christian fell alseep on the way and was too crabby to take a pic.
I should have forced him.
I should have tried harder.

Side note: 
The kids only stayed less than an hour then Mark and I went back to the party.
They were sleeping before these pics took place.

That's my 80 year old Grandma getting ready to plant one on my 80 year old Grandpa.
They are from opposite sides of the family -
makes it even funnier.

Dad, lil' bro and me.

Auntie Tammey, Dad & Grandpa

Auntie Tammey is the party planner of the family.
I think I got it from her.
Love that lady!

It was a great party celebrating Grandpa.

I wish I would have made him an iMovie.
I'll add it to my summer To Do List.

A List of Injuries

Christian's injuries for the day:

(Technically these injuries occured with me in the room.  Since I only saw him one hour in the morning and less than four after school - that makes this even more impressive.  Who knows what happened at daycare!)

7am - Ran into the door knob with his temple, which was already injured on Friday at Pump It Up.
6:25pm - Bit a small chunk out of the tip of his tongue while devouring Tator Tot hotdish.
6:45pm - Fell into the bathtub head first - after slipping off the edge.  I've told him no less than 1,999 not to stand on the ledge and jump in the tub.  It's actually surprising it took him this long to actually slip.

That's just a random day of a three year old boy.  Maybe we should make him wear his helmet all the time.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another FB Stalker

Three days after the parent said she 'stalked' me on facebook a student from last year came into my room to greet me.  I really really like her.  We hugged and said good morning.  Her little sister is in my class this year.  While we were making small talk she said, "My mom looked you up on facebook and there's a picture of you and a man who's not your husband.  She wants to know who it is."  Stunned (again) I said, "Get to your classroom." And pointed the way. 

These parents seriously need to get a life.  I would never stalk Ms. Joy - she asked to be my 'friend' for the record.  What Ashley does in her spare time. . . I couldn't care less. 

Weird weird parents.  I think I have my fb acct locked down now.  If I get another comment I may shut it down.

Where Oh Where Have the Training Wheels Gone?

Victoria's Barbie 'journal' from McDonald's reads:

I riD MI Bik weth No trAe welz
I Love Mommy

That's right baby!!  No more training wheels!!  The funny thing is Christian learned a couple minutes before she did.  A three year old cruising down the street yelling, "I'm going to Theresie's!!" is simply adorable!

They couldn't be more proud.

Neither could I, since I was the crazy neighbor running down the street in a dress and flip flops cheering them on with a Canon SLR hanging bouncing around my neck, a Sony camera around my right wrist and a video camera in my left hand.

Yep, this day has been documented!