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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to Mark

We celebrated Mark's birthday on Sunday.  It was the most gorgeous day on Sunday.  We were at the beach by 10am.  We packed up a lunch and tons of beach toys, applied sunscreen for the last time of the year and headed over to find just a couple people there.  We had so much fun I forgot to take a picture.  The weather was perfect and we all had so much fun.  At about 1:00 I was throwing Christian up in the air over and over and he was loving it.  Then I showed him how I could put my hands together for him to stand on and I could throw him up like that.  While I was demonstrating I moved my hands up and the water went straight into his mouth and he immediately projectile vomitted right back at me and down my suit.

It was so disgusting.  I couldn't even come close to cleaning all the slimeyness out of my suit and we were packed and in the car in about 2 minutes. 

Christian took a good nap and Mommy took a good soak in the tub.

When Christian woke we headed over to Mama Jeanne's for steak dinner.

Happy birthday Mark.

Poop Already

This summer Christian did well going poop in the toilet. 

Except when he had his diaper on from the night before.  He'd often go in the morning before I took it off.  It wasn't a huge mess and I figured it was partly my fault for not taking it off right away.  When we all started school a couple weeks ago, he started going in his underwear again.  But only at home.  Which is a good thing - but annoying because that shows he CAN control it.  Several times I've come home from school totally beat to have this 42" child poop his pants.  Sometimes I can see in his little face he's going to go stand outside only to poop in his pants and I 'force' him to sit on the toilet.  Last week he pooped in his pants while actually riding his bike in the driveway.  It was such a disaster.  So messy I had to cut off clothes and underwear to not get poop everywhere.  I was not happy. 

I told him he will not ride his bike again until he poops on the toilet.  That surprised him but he didn't argue. 

Exactly 24 hours later he says he wants to ride his bike.  I reminded him about the previous day.  "Oh, ok," he said, walked into the bathroom and pooped on the toilet in under a minute.  Two minutes later he's out happily riding his bike.

The next day he poops in his underwear again. Ugh!!!

This pattern is kiiling me!

My patience had already been used up for the day at school that day.

After I told him I was going to sell his bike (yep, I really said that) I put him in Time Out for the first time for pooping in his underwear and for the first time he wouldn't stay there. He was borderline hysterical.  Victoria started crying too.   Christian ran past me to the kitchen and went to sit in the corner by the pantry.  When he plopped down his bare bottom was scratched by the hinge on the pantry door.  Welt, swelling and some blood.  Now he's really screaming, Victoria is crying and trying to reason with me on why not to sell his bike and dinner is cooling on the table and Mark still isn't home.

I decide I'm going to eat the tator tot hotdish even is nobody else will.  Christian lying at me feet caring on. (By now he has a band aid and underwear on.) Victoria is eating little bites while still crying and then I start crying.

Then Mark comes home. 

Nobody ate dinner really and I said it was time for bed.  It was 6:02. No bath.  Just jammies and stories.  Christian fell asleep during the first story and slept 12 hours.  I got to cuddle and talk with Victoria for 40 minutes - just the two of us.

Christian redeemed himself yesterday and pooped and got his bike back.

I hope that's the end of this pattern and the kid poops on the toilet already - CONSISTENTLY from now on.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blow Me a Kiss

After all my excitement of Victoria attending the same school I teach at, turns out I never see her unless I go out of my way to do so.  Since that's really really difficult this early in the year, if I get to catch a glimpse for a couple seconds a day, I'm happy.

After recess while my kids were headed up stairs I snuck a little peek.  There were five little bodies lying on their back all lined up in the dark, resting.  She was the little body the furthest away.  I looked and looked and about 7 seconds later all the little heads were turned my direction.  I blew a silent kiss through the window. 

I received two kisses back. . .neither from my daughter!

I tell ya, the rest of the kids think I'm a lot cooler than she does!

Wardrobe Malfunction

Victoria wore new jeans to school today.  They are the kind that you can adjust from the inside.  First they were too big.  Then they were too tight.  Finally I had them just right.  After school Christian biked, Victoria scootered and I was jogged to a friends house a couple blocks away.  When we were on our way back going across County Rd C as fast as possible (since only Speed Demons drive through at rush hour) Victoria's little jeans fell all the way down to her knees.  I grabbed her, the scooter and pushed C faster across the street with my knee. 

What the heck happened?

The eleastic came unbottoned and suddenly the jeans grew to fit a 7 year old, easily.

Talk about a wardrobe malfunction!