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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Year Ago and a Little Bun

One year ago today I peed on a stick and learned I had a bun in my oven.

So much has changed in that year.  I spent the whole last year saying and thinking, "Next year at this time the baby......"

Well, here we are.  One year later and our sweet Baby Brecky is four and a half months old and is turning out to be the best baby ever!  I couldn't ask for anything more.  Our days are filled with all four of us oohing and aaahhhing over how lucky we are to have the cutest and sweetest and smartest....the list goes on... baby in the world.

He has expanded our family of four to a fabulous family of five that's even tighter than we were before.

He is the love of each of our lives.  I wish I knew then what I knew now.

Everything would work out perfectly, perfect!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Safety Zone

**Even though I found this blog in my draft box and it's so out of date (thinking end of Nov.) it's still worthy of publishing.  Looking back at that time, it warms my heart!**

Today marks the second trimester.  Also known as the Safety Zone.  (Knock on wood.)
Some people actually wait this long to tell people they're pregnant.  I haven't actually met someone who waits that long, but I read they're out there.  The very beginning is nerve racking because so much has to go right for this little baby to be properly created.

Dried Up Falls

Last fall, we took the kids to our favorite spot Minnehaha Falls. 
It was totally dried up.
It's fun to see it overflowing, dried up, frozen and just flowing.
Most of the time it's flowing so it was really interesting to see what's actually at the bottom of it! 

They explored and got their feet a bit wet.

Another fabulous day at the Falls!

Life's a Beach

Not sure if I ever posted this.  I just found this in my draft box.  How time flies!

We spent the other day at the beach. We had another great time. Victoria loves the freedom her water wings provide. I have to insist on Christian getting in the water because he'll just dig in the sand for hours and his little cheeks are red.

Baby on a Field Trip to the Farm

Brecken was just a few weeks old and I took Brecken to a farm field trip.  I took this picture of Brecken laid out in the minivan because he pooped and it leaked and I had to go to a pj back up.  Embarrassing.

On the hay ride.

Christian and Rosie.

Checking out the baby animals.

Holding a kitten.

OMG, look at the outfit.
That's a crazy - I just had a baby and I didn't sleep much please don't judge me outfit.
And then Brecken and I left.

But Amanda sent me this adorable picture of Rosie.

And this one of Christian petting a baby duck? or something.

Overall I'm glad we attended but it definitely was part of my guilt that made me go.
In the end C will may or may not remember us being there but I will always remember.

Mother's Day with Three

An Interview About Mommy

What is something Mommy always says to you? V:   C: Stop it.
What makes Mommy happy? V: When I read a lot of minutes.  C: When we give her love.
What makes Mommy sad? V: When I get in a fight with Christian.  C: When I make a frowny face at her.
How does Mommy make you laugh? V: When she tickles me.  C: Makes a funny face at us.
How old is Mommy? V: 35?  C: 33
What is Mommy's favorite thing to do? V: Go on the computer.  C: Get some love.
What does Mommy do when you're not around? V: Take Christian to fun places.  C: Snorkel in the sea.
How tall is Mommy? V: Super tall.  C: 34 inches
If Mommy becomes famous what will it be for? V: Teaching  C: Dancing and singing.
What is Mommy really good at? V: Writing in cursive.  C: Making books that she puts pictures in.
What is Mommy not very good at? V:  I don't know. C: Working like Daddy does.  But Daddy could teach her but she probably doesn't want to know.
What does Mommy do for her job? V: Teaches  C: Teaches or takes care of Brecken.
What's Mommy's favorite food? V: Shrimp  C: Pasta
What do you and Mommy do together? V: Read and watch TV  C: Sometimes we dance.
How are you and Mommy the same? V: We're both girls  C: We were born at the same time.  We're twins, don't you know?  (Laughs hysterically)
How are you and Mommy different? V: Mommy wears dangly earrings and glasses and I don't.  C: You're a girl and I'm a boy.
Where is Mommy's favorite place to go? V: Casa Bonita (Denver)  C: Pizza Ranch
How do you know Mommy loves you? V: She tells me and gives me lots of kisses.  C: She's in my family.

My first Mother's Day as a Mommy of Three was beautiful.  Mark pulled a dozen roses out of his closet.  The kids made me special gifts. And they all gave me a gift certificate to my favorite spa.  We spent the entire day together.

Christian made me a pillow at preschool - 
so we had to pull out the one Victoria made when she was in preschool too.

Victoria made some really cute things at school.
The card was my favorite part!

All five of us.
Brecken was just two months old.

My new baby boy and mommy.

Next year we'll go back to our regularly scheduled tradition of Mother's Day at Minnehaha Falls.

Healthy Baby Boy!

Those words I just typed as the title, make my throat constrict.  Those words were not said when I gave birth to Brecken.  It wasn't a Mom and Baby are doing fine situation and it's still hard to deal with.

Here's our update.

I've spent a lot of time here since March 17.

Even though they are absolutely wonderful there and I really can't stress that enough, 
it's not something I'd wish on anybody.

If your baby/child is there it is horrible.
It's stressful. It's emotional beyond belief.
Which is why I have yet to post Brecken: On the Day You Were Born blog.
Because, whoa.  It is hard.

After tons of trips to the cardiologist, the endocrinologist and the surgeon we are THRILLED to report Brecken is officially a healthy little boy.  There are some things to watch as he grows.
However, each and every single specialist ensured me, there's nothing to worry about, only precautionary.

Here's the drawing the cardiologist gave us.
There was no leakage or anything else that could be seen.
After the EKG he actually had us stay for in echocardiogram because he thought the NICU may have misdiagnosed.
They didn't.
His heart just looked that healthy.

We are thrilled.  Our lives have been surrounded by his medical needs for four months now.
It's an amazing relief. 

Yogi 2013

One of the single most fun and exciting weekends of the year is Yogi!
We talk about it year round.
Whenever I see Amanda's son Joe I always say something about Yogi.
All year long. 

This year was going to be different though.  Unfortunately, the New Kids on the Block chose that exact weekend to show up in MN.  I even looked at other locations to go to, to not miss a day of Yogi.
But, no dice.
We had to take the minivan because I wasn't going to drive the truck back home by myself.
We were going to pull a small trailer but at the last minute we realized I didn't have a trailer hitch so we drove separately.  Lots of space but a lot more gas.

On the way to Yogi we stopped at Moe's Almost Famous World Diner.
The deep fried pickle spears were amaze balls!
The kids were all in such a good mood.
Who wouldn't be, we're on the way to Yogi!!

The Burns' were just as excited!  Here's a picture of Yogi Rosie drew in the car.
Love her smile!

Laura texted me that first day and asked how Brecken was doing on his first day at the pool.
Here he is at the pool in his carseat in his bathing suit.
Asleep. And adorable.

We always go on the weekend of Christmas in July.
This year we really played it up.
We had a 14 foot santa in the yard and Christmas lights up on the trees and cabin.
Santa hats for all the kids.
Amanda hung up stockings.
She even brought Christmas books and read them to the kids each night.
So fun!

Tony throwing Christian through the air. 
The poor kid has water wings on this year.
Two year without them and now he wants them again.
Technically, he can swim.
However, after an episode at, ironically, swim lessons, he won't swim.

But the kid will put down some serious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

The lazy river.
I didn't get in the lazy river a single time this year.
In part because there's nothing lazy about having a baby at Yogi and I was there only two days anyway.

It's amazing how much bigger they are every year.

Baby Brecken and Mommy enjoying the water park.
I was obsessed with slathering that little baby with immense sunscreen and a hat and we sat in the shade.

Brecken by the turtle.
Next year I bet we won't be able to get him to stand still for a picture next to that turtle.

V on the left then Rosie and then Samantha.
Samantha is one year and a day older than V and Rosie a year and a half younger.

Joe and Christian.
He was sooooo good to Christian.
I'm sure it's not always fun being a fourth graders with a kindergartener connected to you.
But Christian loves him to pieces and Joey is like his big bro.
It warms my heart!

Santa brought a cotton candy machine so we saved it for Yogi.
Everyone was thrilled.
Especially when Mark decided to make more 20 minutes before dinner was served.

Jenna holding Brecken.
See, Brecken loves Yogi!

It rained the day I got back and Mark dressed the kids in construction trash bags and they LOVED it!

With some Box of Rags for their head dress.

My girl Laura and Brecken.
Since I learned I was pregnant last summer I wondered and worried about how sharing a cabin at 
Yogi was going to change.
I was thrilled to see everyone just loved on him each moment.
The kids.
The moms.
It was amazing.

He really had three mommies that weekend.

Joe really loved on him.
He asked to watch him. (While I was 5 ft away)
He brought him his 'favorite' toy when he would fuss.

Amanda was his second Mommy.
She held him and loved him every second she could.
Seriously, not much is better in life than your friends loving your children.

Let's have some more cotton candy!

Joe playing with Brecken!

In all four years at Yogi I have never gone mini golfing.
I've always left that as a 'dad' thing and relaxed while they were gone.
For some God forsaken reason we stopped. 
Big mistake.
They were tired.
I was exhausted.
Pretty sure every kid cried (except Joe who ditched us for the other family - maybe he knew what was going to happen!)
We were a mess of hot messes.

But we got some cute pictures at least. 

Peek A Boo

Then the dads took them to the arcade WAY passed their bedtime and won some amazing prizes.
(That I threw away a couple days later and no one even noticed. Amazing!)

Then the Beges all gathered on the Gertens golf cart at midnight and headed home.
I'm pretty sure that picture will be right next to the World's Largest Sundae in the 2014 Guiness Book

My sweet baby on our last morning.
See, I even wore my Christmas pj's.
(Ok. I'll admit.  I just grabbed them after the NKOTB concert and headed back to Yogi!)

Joe was actually happy here.

Last day. 
Beautiful morning with 'Auntie' Laura:-)

Showing off some more awesome arcade prizes!

Big enough for two!

There you have it!

What you didn't see was Mark driving him and Christian in the truck 154 miles.
Me driving Victoria and Brecken 154 miles on Friday.

Me driving Brecken back  home on Saturday afternoon 154 miles for my parents to watch him while I went to NKOTB.
Then I woke up after sleeping about 5 hours to drive 154 miles back to Yogi in the rain.
The turn around on Monday and pack everyone and every thing back up and come back in the afternoon.

The big kids did get picked up by my parents from Yogi (with wet hair) to go straight  WI Dells with their cousins.

I cuddled and snuggled (and slept a lot) with Brecky.

What a weekend! 
We're already looking forward to Yogi next year!
And I promise to stay the whole time.