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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Maternity Leave Trip to the Zoo

Way back in May I took Christian and his BFF Rosie and Brecken to the zoo while Victoria was at school.  She ended up seeing the pics on my phone a couple days later and was not thrilled.

It was a bit chilly, but we had a fabulous time!

We are so close with Rosie's family, when we're together it's like she's more like my niece than a friend.
Christian and her get along perfectly.  
I love to stand back and watch them interact.

Taking turns on the turtle.

Checking out the puffins.

Poor Sparky was still inside.
We had a very nonexistent  cold spring.

Como has a brand new gorilla exhibit.

This was Brecken's view.
That outfit he has on was one of my favorites.
It says Little Brother and my Auntie Tammey got it for him.
It's amazing what feelings a kids' clothing can bring to a mother.

I guess he wasn't as amused as the rest of us;-)

Since it was so chilly the conservatory wasn't as hot as usual.

This sculpture is standing above a fountain. 
I gave them each several pennies to throw in.
I saw Rosie point to it, whisper to Christian and laugh.
I said, "Rosie, people call that art."
She said, "Art should put on some underwear."

I just about died.
I was trying to hold back my laughter.
I looked around for another adult who heard her.
I texted all my friends at school, including her mother.
It was one of the funniest things I've ever heard a kid say.
Pretty sure I'll never look at 'Art' the same way.

Brecken finally got to get out of the carseat.
I haven't seen these pictures since that day.
He is so different!
His hair. His muscles. So amazing the changes in these first few months!

What a wonderful day.
I'll always treasure the memories of my maternity leave.

A Lot of Random Thoughts

* We made it through the week..with limited tears from all of us.

* Going back to work sure makes family time a lot more precious.

* Our first box with Christmas presents arrived.  Now, where to hide them for nearly four months?

* I wish Brecken always slept on his back so I could stare at his beautiful face.

* I brought home so many teaching manuals this weekend you'd think I was a first year teacher - not 11th year!

* One of my very good friends is not only pregnant with her first child but she's Due in March.  I really hoped someone I loved would get pregnant in July so I can pass down my Due in March necklace!!!  I can't wait to give her some really special gifts next week.  (They aren't all hand-me-downs.)

* Liv pointed out I'm not nearly as crazy this September as I usually am.  I took it as a huge compliment.

* I was so tired several nights in the last two weeks I went to sleep shortly after the kids.  So tired in fact, I took a pregnancy test..just to be sure.  It was negative. Whew!  Guess I'm just working hard.

* I have a amazing idea for my Goddaughter's 1st birthday gift!

* Watching people parent at Walmart makes my skin crawl.

* This year was my best First Day of School EVER.  Seriously, ever!

* I was born to be a teacher.  I love it so much.  Even though I have to be away from Brecken, I wouldn't have it any other way.  (In a good way.)  I haven't been this inspired in years.  I love that seven of my students looped with me.  We hit the ground running.  The other 14 are on their way to stealing my heart too.  I love my class!

* Our photographer got our family picture proofs to us.  I'm shocked and amazed what she captured.  I love them.  I am amazed at how much Brecken has already changed in 6 weeks.  She captured him sitting up unassisted in the grass, one of the first time of his life, with drool running down his chin.  So much better than a measly smile:-)

* Brecken sat in a shopping cart for the first time today.  It was cute and makes me look forward to the days of not lugging the carseat into stores.

* Victoria got chosen as the first Star of the Week of the year.  Amanda told me she didn't rig it.  I'm not convinced.  ;-)

* Christian LOVES school.  He loves his teacher. He loves to eat his cold lunch in the cafeteria.  He had a girlfriend.  His teacher asked me who she is.  I told her.  We don't have a O----- in this class?  What?  I asked him to point her out.  The teacher smiled and laughed and told me her real name.  Maybe he should get her name straight before telling people she's his girlfriend.

* Christian was chosen to get the lunch bin from the hall in Day 2 of kindergarten.  I happen to be in the Media Center and he recognized me from behind.  Suddenly I heard very very loudly and excitedly, "MOMMY!! MOMMY!!  It's me!  Christian!"  I whipped around and whispered for him to stop yelling.  He did but continued the most adorable all teeth smile and waved and waved.  I assured him I can totally recognize him while at school.

* I visited Christian while he was enjoying his first lunch in elementary school on Thursday.  As I walked across the cafeteria I could see the boy sitting next to him was bothering him.  They all had name tags on so I spoke to him first and called him by name.  I asked him some questions and made him feel special (so he could get some attention and calm down).  I turned to Christian and talked to him and took a couple pictures.

After school V & C were talking about their day.  Of course they both love to talk about the 'naughty' kids.  I usually just listen unless I need to remind them some kids need special this, that, or the other thing.  I heard Christian say, "Mom came into the lunchroom and was soooo nice to the naughtiest boy ever!"  V responded, "Yeah, Buddy, she does that.  It's annoying, but it's her job."  That seemed to satisfy him.  She is wise beyond her years.

* Brecken likes loves to eat.  The kids will eat anything (but peas)!  I bought a family size jar of applesauce today.  Just for him.  He's eaten more baby oatmeal in one month than Victoria did the whole time she ate oatmeal!  His faves are peaches, bananas, carrots and applesauce.  That list includes everything he's ever had to eat EXCEPT PEAS.

* Christian fed Brecken his entire dinner tonight. I videoed some of it.  Right after I stopped, he yelled, "I fed him the whole thing BY MYSELF!!"  Wish I would have captured that.

* This morning I was cuddling with Brecken and Christian came running in saying, "Mommy mommy, I need your help.  My penis is standing up and usually it lays down.  I don't like it."  He proceeded to show me and poke it down.  I immediately said, "Go show Daddy and see what he says."  But he said, "Oh never mind, it's laying back down now."  I have a feeling we have some difficult years ahead of us.

* I love sending cards to people.  I wish I had more time.

* I hate pumping at school.  Let me repeat.  I hate pumping at school.  The only thing that is worse is people knocking on the door when I'm pumping.  Oh wait.  It's worse when the custodian let's himself in when I'm pumping.  Not sure how much longer I can do it.

* I love how much our kids love the library.  We all went today.  It was fabulous.

* The custodian can't find my Back to School box so ALL of my back to school stuff is missing.  I had to get books from the public library because my 50+ back to school books are missing.  As well as my one and only copy of my second grade picture and me getting my diploma at grad school.  Hopefully it will turn up....someday.

* I don't know how I had two children without a video monitor.

* Mark is taking Victoria on a very special Daddy Daughter Day tomorrow.  That makes me happy.

* Mark took most of the day off to go to Christian's kindergarten orientation day.  That also made me happy.  So happy, I told Christian he could stay with me at school for the last 20 minutes of the day.  He tried to keep up with the second graders (academically).  He wrote three words to their whole page. He was so proud he carried it around with him for the full hour after school.

* If I had to guess, Brecken will be real crawling by the end of the week.  He's doing the "kinda" crawl now.

* I hope Victoria loses her top tooth soon.  Not only is it bothering her, it's bothering me.  It hangs back weird and looks kind of gross.

* I found Shrinky Dinks on clearance and Victoria is thrilled.  Christian gave his set to his sister.  Apparently, he's less than thrilled.

* I hope next week goes as smooth as last week.

Finally 12+

Brecken was very tired last night.  I fed him dinner at 5:15pm and he was rubbing his eyes so much he got applesauce on his little lashes.  I gave him a bath, jammied him up, nursed him and said prayers with all three kids and I laid him down.  How rolled around and played with giraffey and his Cubs mini blanket.  I checked in on him again five minutes later and he was sound asleep with his left thumb in his mouth.  I woke to Christian asking for his Claritan at 6:15am to realize Brecken never woke to eat.  Not even at 5 or 6 in the morning!!  Finally at 6:30 he woke and chowed down on his milk.  That means he slept more than 12 hours straight!  Yahoo!  I've been waiting for this night!  Thanks to daycare for wearing him out for the week.  We're blessed he loves daycare.  He smiles when he sees Kris and leans for her to hold him.  He's eating and sleeping good there too.

I'm so happy this week went as smoothly as it did.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sweet Martha

Dear Mrs. Field's,
 So sorry, it's Sweet Martha that stole our heart.  Wow, she's amazing.  You should totally get her recipe.
Yours truly,
The Humphrey Family

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Night Before Kindergarten

Dear Christian,
       Tomorrow you begin kindergarten.  I am not sad.  I am not nervous.  I am proud of you.  I know you'll do well.  You do your very best in the school setting.  I walked by you and daddy during your orientation a couple days ago and you were looking right at the teacher paying attention.  I think kindergarten will be so good for you.  Plus, we'll kind of be together all day.  I'll see you in the halls, maybe even at lunch.  I'll certainly stop by for a minute or two in the afternoon to see how awesome you are doing.  Victoria will be on the bus with you for the ride to school.  I already made her promise to sit with you, even though she wants to sit with her best friend too.
        I'm looking forward to hearing about your first day.  About your new friends.  About the teacher I know you'll love.  I look forward to watching you walk the halls for the kindergarten Halloween Parade.  I look forward to seeing your Spiderman backpack hang on your hook when I walk by.  I look forward to attending your conferences.  I look forward to your art work and especially your writings coming home.  I'm looking forward to watching you grow academically and socially.  When I watch you with other kids I think you are very mature.  I think you will thank your big sis for that one day.  You love to listen to stories. You said your kindergarten goal is to learn how to read.  I know you will.
         I packed your very first lunch for you tonight.  I put a lot of food in there.  I don't know what you'll be in the mood for.  I don't know how hungry you'll be.  I don't know how messy you'll get.  (I'll try to stop by to make sure you're not the kid with food all over your face.)  I put you a note.  I'm not sure if you'll know to raise your hand to have it read to you.  Maybe you'll save it to have me read it to you when we get home.  Maybe you'll be having so much fun you'll just toss it.
        You picked out your outfit for tomorrow.  I pulled out comfortable black shorts and a monster truck t-shirt.  You told me you had to dress fancy for kindergarten and pointed to a collared striped shirt hanging in your closet.  You even tried on the army green shorts and jumped up and down in them so you 'won't be embarrassed if they fell down.'  Your shorts have only fallen once in your life - but you're still a bit traumatized from that.
        I do know I am proud to be your Mommy and proud of the little boy you are.  You are smart.  You are kind to your friends.  You are a rule follower.  You are a good listener.  You are strong and coordinated.  You are my favorite #1 son.  I love you to pieces and can't wait to see you in school tomorrow.

                                   Love you always and forever no matter what,

Odelis just texted me this poem:

The First Day of School

I used to be little, but not anymore.
Tomorrow I'll get up and walk out the door.
I'm going to school - it's the first time for me.
It's going to be big, but I'm scared as can be.

My tummy's in knots.  Do you want to know why?
I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, I'll cry!
When Dad leaves the school and I'm there all alone,
I'm thinking that maybe I'll want to go home.

But wait- Mommy said I'll play lots of new games.
And meet lots of friends - I can learn all their names.
The first day of school, oh there's so much to do!
There's painting and books and a big playground too.

I sued to be little, but not anymore.
Tomorrow I'll get up and walk out the door.
I'm going to school - it's my first day you see,
It's great to be big!  I'm so glad that I'm me!

Monday, September 2, 2013

To Fall

What's my favorite season you ask...Summer.  No question about it.  No work.  Loads of family time.  No question.  Summer.

But summer would only be so sweet because it's temporary.

Very temporary.

Tomorrow, it's officially over.

That's when I realize I actually like fall.  There's lots to love about fall.  And there's lots to dislike about fall.  The things I dislike are going to happen anyway so I may as well enjoy what I like.

One of the best things about having a baby are enjoying the FIRSTS of his year.  To think this is his first fall.  To plan his first Halloween.  So exciting.

So here's to fall.  Here's to firsts.  Here's to starting the new year with a positive outlook and looking forward to making my students' feel amazing tomorrow.

5 Month Recap

Our little man turned five months during our road trip from Colorado.
We happened to be at Mount Rushmore on August 17th.

The five month mark was a big one for Brecken.
He started eating solid foods less than a week before he turned 5 months.
It was life changing.
Ask him.
It's his favorite thing to do.

He started with oatmeal mixed with breast milk at dinner time.
Soon, it was added to his breakfast routine as well.
Not long after we added, peas (which he despised) then banana and peaches.

He can move all over.
He's getting his knees up under his body ready to crawl.
He opens his mouth super wide and grabs your cheeks (if you're lucky) 
and gives huge kisses while baby sliming your whole lower face.

He prefers to be held by Mommy. 
But he's also happy with Daddy.
Unless Mommy is near by.
He adores Victoria.
He'll reach out to grab her hair or kiss her.
He loves to look at Christian's face.
He stares at him while he talks.
Sometimes he looks confused, sometimes he laughs.
He always pays attention.

He slept 11 hours and 45 minutes.
Almost the full 12 hours we're looking for.

He's the best baby God could have blesses us with.

He couldn't be loved any more than he is!

4 Month Recap

Seriously.  Does it get any cuter?!?

Four months old.

I couldn't love him any more than I do.

He's perfect.

He's cuddly.

He's super strong.
Every time any holds him they immediately ask how old he is and says how strong he is.

He laughs.  

He adores his brother and sister.

He is:
2'1.5" (Is that the cutest height ever?!)  65%tile
15lb 15 oz 60%tile

By far the biggest baby we've ever had.

Kindergarten Assessment

The day after the kids got home from WI Dells Christian had his kindergarten assessment at school.  He was nervous. Really nervous.  How barely spoke above a whisper to his teacher.  I filled out paperwork while he completed his assessment.

If I had to guess before it began I would have said I thought he'd come out average.

He ended up actually scoring one point higher than Victoria did when she took it for the literacy portion.  One day she will read this and not believe me, so I tucked the assessment aside for further verification.

He scored average on the math.  I was disappointed to see he couldn't recognize as many numbers as I would have guessed.  Guess why.   I'm obsessed with teaching reading and if I never taught math another day in my life I'd be cool with that.  But, it really showed up in this particular assessment.  So we kicked it into high gear and he made some flash cards and we're on track for kindergarten.

He has a couple hour orientation tomorrow and full time starts Thursday.

I am so happy he's in kindergarten.  He's ready.  It will be so good for him.  It will be so good for me to be able to see him whenever I want during the day.  I'm looking forward to seeing how V & C act when they see each other throughout the day at school.

Mrs. Field's

Dear Mrs. Field's,
        What the hell do you put in your cookies?
The Humphrey Family

**We've never bought them before.  Pretty sure we started a new tradition.