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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#1 Fan Getting Some Action

If you know me at all you know I take being a mother and being a New Kids on the Block fan very seriously.  Most days it's all about being a mommy.  Today was all about being the #1 NKOTB fan.  Last night in twitter Jordan informed me he was going to make an exciting announcement today in Good Morning America.  I DVRed it.  I didn't realize I would be in the car during the announcement.  I made several calls to see if someone could facetime me so I could actually watch the announcement.  Needless to say, it didn't work out.

My highschool friend fb'd me minutes later with the link announcing NKOTB got a reality show.
That's pretty close to perfection in my book.  NKOTB+RealityTV= Happiness

Minutes later she let me know Jordan and Nick Carter were going to be on Watch What Happens Live TONIGHT!! (Currently on right now!!)

That still didn't answer what Nick Carter and Jordan were going to announce on GMA.  I didn't think too much of it as I headed into Brecken's asthma appointment.  However, as soon as we got back into the car I was alerted that Nick and Jordan recorded an album together!!!

Let me tell you.....When NKOTBSB toured I was blown away by Nick Carter.  I have literally, never saw a better dancer.  He floats across the stage and oozes sexiness.  Seriously, even more impressive than Jordan.

All this good news so early in the morning made my stress melt away.

Hours later I learned Jordan and Nick are going on tour in the fall.......

In Minnesota.............

September 24th in Minneapolis...........

I cannot believe my luck.........

I have my girls ready to go.............

Now we just need to score these balcony tickets on Friday..........

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

G.N.O. @ MOA

Right after Christian was born, I started taking Victoria on Girls Night Outs.

When she was really little GNO would count as visiting Jeanne's tortoises up at school.
We've done small things like running errands with a fun spin to them.
One night we went to Underwater World for an hour right before they closed and we were pretty much the only ones there.  That was a really good night.

In the second and third trimester with Brecken GNOs were pretty much the last thing on my mind.
It was even worse after I had the baby.
We have had a couple GNOs in the last year.

Finally, last week we had a really really good GNO.  

Victoria received an amazing report card.
Victoria is a fantastic big sister.
She is just a really good little girl.

I wanted to create a special night for her.
We started it off at Build A Bear at Mall of America.
She chose Puggie.
On the way home she whispered to him, "You are the one I am going to take with me to college."
Love at first sight!

We went straight across the hall to Barnes and Noble.
She and I could have wandered around all night long.
We bought a Mommy/Daughter journal to share.
We have both written in it.
I think every Mommy and Daughter should have one.

After that excitement we went on an adult roller coaster neither of us had ever been on.
She had her arms up and everything.
It was a blast.
Finally reaching 47 inches sure has its perks!

We watched the tryouts for the Vikings cheerleaders.
We walked around the mall for a bit.
I pulled out my phone and said, "Well, it's almost 7:30."  I was going to say we should stop somewhere for dessert.  But she quickly said, "Whoa it's getting late.  We better get home!" 
It was a school night but still!!  She's so responsible.  I love that about her!

We headed out to the car.  
When I was tucking her in and saying prayersm her extra was for GNOs.
Made my heart tingle! 

Every Last Drop of Milk

I can guarantee you, I have spent more time pumping than anyone you know. 
Guarantee it.
Mark and I figured I have pumped nearly 1,800 hours in my life.

It was a huge sacrifice.
Pumping in the night while my infant slept.
Pumping after nursing.
Pumping at school during my lunch break.
Pumping in between running errands.
Pumping in the car on road trips. (What a mess!)

I have worn out a pump motor, borrow a pump for school and got a new one for Brecken.

That is a lot of pumping.
I had over 1,000 ounces frozen and stored when I went back to work after I had Victoria.
An ENTIRE deep freezer filled to the top of just frozen breast milk.

All good things must come to an end.
Here it is.
The very last bag of frozen milk ever.
Brecken enjoyed every last bit of it.

Even though I have HATED my pump many times.
Even though I have dreaded pumping many times.
Even though I have cried about pumping at school too many times. . .

It was bittersweet seeing that last bottle of milk consumed.
I am proud of myself for sticking with it for the health of my children, even though it was so difficult.

That is the end of my breastfeeding/pumping/freezing milk saga.

However, I am always available to talk about breastfeeding/pumping/freezing milk tips or tricks.
It is one of my favorite topics.

Pumping Polar Bears

Christian's reading has been coming right along.  He is in that magical stage of sitting down with a book and just reading, on his own.  It is warms my heart.  We've been hitting up Half Price Books' level one section often these days for pure enjoyment.  He will open a book and yell, "I know all these words!  Can I have it Mommy? Please?"  My answer is always, "Absolutely!"  There's no better money spent than on books for a new reader!!  The other night he was reading a new book about polar bears.  He was reading along and then he read this page:

He read it all perfectly, then looked up at me with wide eyes and said, "Polar bears pump?!" 
I held back my laughter and left him know polar bears just nurse, no pumping.
Somehow, with that information, he seemed relieved.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Victoria's 8th Birthday at Chuck E Cheese

Victoria's 8th Birthday Party was yesterday.
Her dream came true as she caught the 1,000 ticket again this year!!

More pics to come....