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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

30 Week Ultrasound

I have had more ultrasounds than anyone you know.  (Unless you're Molly and then you probably know more).  Seriously, many many ultrasounds.  Between three pregnancies and Molly being very generous and giving me one anytime I want I've had a lot.

Today the kids and I went in and I thought about it all day.  I was like a little kid at school.  Couldn't wait to get out of there and see my unborn baby.

The kids and I drove to Apple Valley and I couldn't wait to climb on into the expecting Momma chair.  Turns out I was low on fluid so I need to drink a lot more water.  Because of that the pictures didn't turn out as well as we hoped.  I'll go back next week to check the fluid and have more pictures taken.  Victoria doesn't like the talk about enough fluid and brought me my water jug twice tonight. She also said, "Don't you wish you could turn back time and Aunt Molly told you your fluid was perfect?"   I will make a conscious effort to drink more water over the next week....really for the next 10 weeks...then I'll be nursing so the next year I guess.

During the ultrasound we did learn some interesting facts about out little Bambino.  It has hair!  We could see it's shorty little baby hair, but actually there hair.  How cute is that?  Baby hair!  I can't wait to get my fingertips on it!  We could see its teeth really clearly.  Kind of spookily clearly.  Obviously they're still in the gums (I HOPE!) but we could actually see its little teeny tiny teeth.  Molly was showing me the hair way on my left side and I said, "Oh, the head is way over there?  I thought its feet are over there.  What's kicking me then?"  She casually says, "The feet are.  They are up and over it's head."  So the head, both feet and arms and hands are all on one side.  No wonder it can be uncomfortable sometimes!  Its little feet were measuring in at two inches.  How cute is that?  Little baby feet!  What's cuter?

Its heartbeat was 141BPM while it was awake.  Its 30 weeks but it's measuring at a solid 32 weeks but its head measured, not once but twice, at 33 weeks.  Yes, the head that I'm expecting to slide out from my body in approximately ten weeks.  Wowzers.  That should be a good time.

From what we could tell Baby has chubby cheeks like Christian and Victoria's nose.  Which she is fine with since chubby cheeks will fade but a 'nose is a nose' she informed me.

Aunt Molly sent us home with arms full of goodies.  The kids had Doc Humphrey stations set up all over the house.  Victoria spent a good half hour feeding Peef its new bottle.

I'm off to the bathroom since I'm taking this whole drink more water thing seriously.  But I'm already excited to see it again next week!  Hopefully a little more clearly through all the amniotic fluid I'll have!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hospital Tour

One night last week before our hospital tour, Mark and I stopped for dinner at Don Pablo's.  The hostess asked if we wanted a booth or a table.  We always say booth because the padding on the booth is so much better for my back rather than sitting in a chair.  As I went to sit down I said, "Oh, I um don't think I'm going to fit!"  The lady said, "Yeah, I didn't think you would."  Nice.  So we moved over to a table.  Then the waitress comes and takes our order.  I told Mark I thought that's what kind of waitress I would be, if I were to be one.  He said, "What?  A stupid one?"  I replied, "Confused but nice."  She bring our  food over and asked Mark where he wanted his plate of food.  He holds up his two hands about 12 inches a part in front of his body and says, "Anywhere in this area is good, I suppose."  Odd odd lady.
She did a couple other things that were strange and then I told her we were ready for the check.  She asked how she should split the check.  Let's see: man and woman, wearing wedding rings and a huge baby in her belly - clearly we're TOGETHER!  She brings the bill and Mark puts his debit card on it and she asks if everything is ok with the bill.  Obviously, or we would have said something and not have placed payment on it.  As Mark said, "I didn't put my card there to keep the wind from blowing it away."  It was a strange but delicious dinner.

We headed over to Babies R Us to pick up our new and fabulous baby's rocking chair.  We decided to register to get 10% off everything we needed and then got a good bag filled with samples and coupons at the end too.  It's amazing how different I look at things the third time around.  I don't want to store things.  I'll go buy it when we need it if it's going to be six or more months away.  So we registered for a whopping ten items.

Finally we headed to the hospital.  Since Regions is so huge we didn't even know where to park when I am in labor.  This is the opposite of the nice small convenient hospital where I delivered V & C.  We found the correct lobby, then we found the closed cafeteria.  Mark wanted to know where it was for future reference.

As we waited in the lobby the pregnant mommies started to bond.  When's you're due date?  Boy or girl?  Do you have other children?  It's a nice feeling being around other preggers.  I spoke with a really nice lady.  I was the only one there on her third child.  There was one younger lady, not showing, very unlike the rest of us, who was clearly very overwhelmed.  She shed a few tears.

We went into the birthing room and she explained the different options of where you can labor.  Most, I've actually already done.  Unfortunately, the actual birthing pool was currently in use and a baby had just been born in it.  So I didn't get to see it.  Hopefully when we go back March 4th my luck will turn the other way.

One thing I liked about the hospital & the educator is the theory is definitely more toward a natural birth.  It's clearly your choice, however, they lean toward helping and guiding the natural births.  I am all for this.

I did learn a couple new ideas.  Such as: research shows when a laboring mom comes in and they give her the hospital gown to put on her heart rate increases and her mood goes down.  This leads to a slower birth process.  They urge you to wear something of your own.  Your not sick as she says, you're having a baby!  No need for hospital attire.  So Mark and I have been racking our brains as to what I should wear.

Research also shows as long as the baby is born healthy it should lay on the mother skin to skin for a minimum of one hour straight out of the womb.  This is a huge change.  When I had Christian I held him for a few minutes and then they took him away for a bath.  I didn't hold him skin to skin again until we were home.  At the hospital he was a burritoed up in his blanket and hat.  Also, after the mother holds the baby for an hour the dad then holds the baby for at least half an hour skin to skin.  The educator informed up the mommy isn't allowed to speak to him at all (in an effort for the dad to not be corrected).  This is supposed to give the dad a chance to bond with the baby so he'll never leave the baby.

The other thing I learned is, they'll put baby footprints on anything we want.  I have a great idea!  But you'll have to wait to find out!

It was a fun night that makes it all the more real.  We're so excited for this little one's arrival.  Everyday I'm more ready and more excited!  Speaking of this lil' one.  It's moving like crazy right now.  Victoria just SAW it moving.  It's such an exciting time!

Dream a Little Dream

I had a dream last night.  A vivid, I can recall many details, I woke with a Whoa feeling in my throat, kind of dream.  It gets me choked up just thinking about it.

I dreamt I actually gave birth.  I dreamt the baby was actually born.  I dreamt I saw my little GIRL!

She had dark hair just like Victoria did.  This may have to do with looking at Victoria's baby pictures with her last night before she went to bed.

It was quite the dream.  I dreamt it felt good to have the pressure off of my belly.  I dreamt I was so very happy to hold my little baby.

60+ days to go.  I am so so excited to meet this baby!