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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gentle Hands & a Hassle at the Library

Yesterday Christian had a perfect day at daycare.

Sidenote: He's been having difficulty getting excited and not knowing how to chanel it so he pushes the closest kid next to him.  My advice was to jump up and down if he felt like pushing.  I've only seen him do it once.  I saw him get close to doing it to Victoria the other morning just because he was so happy I told him I would, in fact, make him his moatmeal (oatmeal) right then.  I saw his excitement while he ran down the hall and she was standing there and he raised his hand and I said, "Don't even think about it!" Instead he hit himself in the head with his pack of moatmeal and continued to the kitchen.

So, in fact, he did have gentle hands all day long.  I didn't expect it to happen so soon.  This has only been an issue for a week.  I didn't have a plan in place yet for the bad or the good.  I got down on my knees and kissed his soft and chubby little cheeks saying how happy and proud I was of him.  Then I whispered in his ear, "Good things will happen tonight because you had gentle hands."  He never got his coat and boots on so fast.  On the way to the car, while holdingmy hand and looking up at me he asked over and over and over, "What we gonna do?  What I gonna get?" 

Hmmmm, I don't know.  I fessed up. 

"I'm not sure.  We could go out to eat anywhere you want!"  I answered excitedly dreaming of not cooking.

"No! Me eat at home!"

"We could go shopping for a new toy!" I answered excitedly dreaming of checking of the items on my Walmart list.

"No! Me go home!"

"What do you want to do at home?"  I was hoping he wanted to watch a movie so I could cuddle him and relax.

"Fway trains!" (translation: p=f  & l= w)  Hmmmm, that's easy and cheap enough.  If I knew how to do the tracks, smoke etc.

I agreed as I dialed Mark's number to see how long until he came home.  He was already there!  Yes!  Daddy could implement the reward!

The train didn't come out until after dinner.  Then Victoria said, "What do I get for my good day?"  Her good days are at about 95% but she still should get rewarded so that continues I suppose. 

"Well, if you could do anything, what would you like to do?"  I asked her.

"Go to the library."

And we were off.

We picked up my book on hold, a few books for Mark, a book for me I saw on Oprah last week (shocked they had it in stock - even though it was a rerun) and then Victoria played with puppets and chose a couple books.  Then she found a Scooby Doo movie and kept looking.  I started looking at the fun kids' CDs and found the Polar Express for Christian and Beauty and the Beast for Victoria. 

It took us over half an hour to check out.

Then it all started to unravel faster than a sweater caught on a metal hook.

At the self check out (V's most favorite part) it said I owed $11 in fees.  Totally my fault.

No problem.  We stumbled with our arms full over to the help desk to pay it. 

Cash or check.  Oh, yeah, I used my last check Monday.  I didn't even have two dollars in change in my wallet. 

We hid our goods on the top shelf in the corner and headed over to the bank.  My friend had given me a check for $15 the other day and I needed to cash anyway.

I was in line and couldn't find the check.  I pulled around the bank again to the ATM the was TEMPORARILY OUT OF SERVICE!


I had my favorite librarian talk to V while I ran into the entrance of the bank.  Even though I could still see her, I've never left her in the car before.

We headed back to the library.  We self checked and were on our way. . .

when the alarms and red lights started blaring LITERALLY like we were two sneaky little thieves.  I showed the lady my receipt.  All 14 itmes are on there I assured her, red in the face. 

She spent several minutes re-checking everything out.  One of the CDs was giving her a problem apparently.

I couldn't get out of there fast enough.  I looked back and said, "Come on Victoria, let's go!"  She wasn't budging.  She didn't want the alarms to go off again.  I stood on other side assuring her the problem was fixed.  By now, several nice ladies were watching and laughing.  Finally she came sprinting through. 

As a treat for all of our hassle I treated us to a chocolate chip cookie and apple juice at Cafe Cravings on a plush leather love seat in front of a fire.

It was all worth it at that moment.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mystery Ticket Jackpot

When Mark and I attended the Vikings game a few weeks ago we gathered 40 Mystery Tickets for Nickolodeon Universe during half time.  It was quite the feat to get that many, but I knew it would be fun to do over Christmas break.  We did go on the 26th.  First we went to Underwater World.  It's being renovated and was a bust.  Then we headed over to the rides.  This is where the fun began.

We left for the mall after nap.  Since it was the day following Christmas they were totally exhausted and each took four hours naps.  It was so fun to go and do something that late in the evening!

Everybody is checking to see if Christian is really smiling. 

See the little dude in the back?  After this picture he said, "Lady, wait! I don't think I was smiling!"
This cracked me up.  Who asks strangers to retake pictures because they - in the background - aren't smiling.
I checked it and let him know he's smiling nicely - actually better than the other boy in the photo :D

It looks like he's trying to imitate the horse - right?

Each Mystery Ticket was worth 6 points.  That gets both kids and required chaperones on a ride.
20 minutes before we intended on leaving we hit a 100 point ticket.  The catch is you must use it the same day.  We only used 12 of the 100.
It was such a fun night.  The whole family road the Log Chute.  Which now Christian's favorite ride.
Everyone slept in in the morning.  It was great fun!

We went back last night to use the other half of our tickets.
First we went to Build a Bear and then had dinner at Kokomo.
The kids couldn't wait to get down to the rides.
Our first ticket was 6 points.
The second ticket was a 100 pointer!!
We went from ride to ride having a blast! 
It's not busy at on Sunday evenings.
Christian wanted to go on the swings.  I took the 100 pt ticket and sent Mark & Victoria with another one so she wouldn't have to wait - again.  Turns out Little Man isn't quite 39 inches and ultimately couldn't go on.
We stood there patiently waiting for them to return.  They had my purse which contained my phone.  We waited so long I was scoping out strangers figuring out who would let me use their phone to call him and ask where in the world are they??  Finally I see them bolting toward us (with my white faux fur purse on his arm:).  They were so happy and excited. 

It turns out Victoria's ticket was THE JACKPOT!!!!  She won an annual pass of all the rides she can ride for free!  She received a little card that had her name and picture.  We just show that and she gets an all day pass wrapped around her little wrist.

How cool is that?!  I see a lot of MOA in our future.  It's the perfect way to end a weekend.