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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Fallen Tree

While we were at Yogi there was a storm here and a tree fell across the street.
Our first morning back some city workers came with all their gear and chopped it up and hauled it away.
Christian watched the entire thing from the window.
As soon as they pulled away he begged to get out there and check it out.
I told him he had to change out of his jammies first.

He did change his bottoms at least.
Then grabbed a wagon.
Hoping to find some left behind wood?

There it is.
That's a whole lot of excitement just for that.
But he loved it and rubbed his little fingers over that stump 'til I finally drug him away.

Annual Trip to Great Grandpa's

When I was little most of my great grandparents had died before I turned two.
My Great Grandma Schema lived until I was four or five.
I have very brief and fuzzy memories of her.
Most of them of her in the hospital when she was dying of leukemia.

I'm hoping my kids are spending enough time with their great grandma and great grandpa
that their memories along with the many many pictures I take of them will help with
their memories as they get older.

Yesterday, the kids and I headed up to Pine City for our annual summer trip.
Christian complained almost the entire way and even cried like he did that first summer I brought him up there in 2008.
I think the road trip to Colorado is going to be extremely intesting if Little Dude can't make it the 68 miles to Pine City without a break down!
It also didn't help I had to turn around five times the closer I got to the house.
Everything looks the same up there!

We finally made it and we were pumped - all for different reasons.
I was excited to spend time with Grandpa.
Besides this once a year trip, when I see Grandpa there's always tons of people around.
He has 5 children, 10 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren + spouses.

Victoria was extremely pumped about picking more than two raspberries at a time (like at our rockin' garden). 
Christian wanted to get out of that mini van and run like a wild animal.

Notice Christian's empty bowl?
He choose to eat each and every raspberry right off the vine until he said, "My belly's full,"
then began putting them in the bowl.

She loved crawling around and finding the ripe and juicy ones.

She got in there and filled up her whole container.

He had a few;-)

We walked down to look at the lake.
I didn't think we were going to go for a boat ride this year.

I was wrong.
Grandpa came down and started it up.
We were all excited.

Especially this Little Dude!

He was loving taking it all in!

Grandpa was so patient giving each kid turn after turn driving.
And he really let them drive, around in circles, toward an oncoming pontoon,
too close to shore.
He just let them be, for the most part.

He absolutely loved driving.
Then he found the horn. . .

The kids love Grandpa's girlfriend, Linda.

Victoria took this picture.
She loves wildlife!

We stopped at a restaurant on the beach.
The kids were less than behaved but Grandpa bought nightcrawlers and we
were off on our next adventure.

Grandpa got them set up to fish.
All we caught was seaweed, but even that excited them!

Christian says this is his first time fishing.
He kept saying, "Wook at me! I'm fishing!!"

When we got back they rode in the trailer.
This was probably the highlight for Christian.
He grinned from ear to ear the entire 3 minute ride all the while waving at me
as I walked along nside of them.

Giving hugs and saying our good byes.
It was a wonderful day.
Our best annual trip so far.
Looking forward to celebrating Grandpa's 80th birthday in a few weeks.

Friday, July 29, 2011

My Encounter with Donnie

My first official youtube video.  I could get obsessed with this!

It really was, the Best Night Ever!

Who's In My Chair

Last I unusually, stopped at a garage sale.
The minute I walked up to the tables I knew someone there was a teacher.
Therefore, I scored, BIG.
I got some fabulous teaching things including a glider rocking chair for only
The mini van was filled and I brought the kids home for nap then brought the chair up to school.
I'm excited to have something new and different in my classroom.

That got me excited for the new school year and I've been thinking and planning and buying.

I had a box to things to bring up there yesterday.
I dropped the kids at Mama Jeanne's and headed up there.
I saw my door was slightly ajar.
Then as I got closer I noticed my lights were on.
There wasn't another person in sight in the whole building.
I drug my box through the door to see a kid (20 yrs old maybe)
sitting in my new glider with his eyes closed listening to his iPod.
When he heard me he jumped up like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar and started
"cleaning" things with his bare hand.

How awkward.
He assured me my room is clean and 'safe' for the children.

I guess I know my new chair is comfortable.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Little Dude celebrated his half birthday today.
And boy oh boy did he make the best out of it!
More to come. . .

Paddleboat Ride

A long time ago (way back in mid June) we went on a paddle boat ride with Mama Deb.
Christian had seen a paddle boat on the river when Mark took them to Taylor's Falls when I was in Chicago.  He spoke about going on a paddle boat several times a day until we finally went.
It was a gorgeous day.
Christian sporting his fresh Buzz Cut.
I'm still deciding if we're going to do another Buzz 
or go back to the barber.

Loving every minute and taking it all in.
Our city.
I think she liked the hot dog the best:-)
He liked it all!

Especially, hangin' with Mama!

It was a fun experience.
I have a feeling we'll be back there in August!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Likes to Learn

We've been holding "School" at the kitchen table.  Christian really likes this.  Apparently he likes the more formal set up rather than the games and songs I've been implementing all summer.  If you recall, he recently told me he didn't like that stuff. 

Then suddenly, a couple sessions of 'school' and he's all over it!  Wanting to 'do' more letters, 'writing' out the grocery list,begging to be read more books, asking to write, asking me to recite our phone number to only answer the last two digits!  He HAS been listening!  Then he wanted to write the phone number.  Victoria immediately chimes in, "Buddy you don't know how to make a 6 but I will teach you." He holds up his paper with a perfect large 6 and we were both speechless.  Seriously.  I thought, did he grab a piece of paper with a 6 on it?!  No!  He's getting it.  All this time I'm worried, "What am I going to do with this kid?!  Ms. Joy is going to think I've been neglecting him!"

But as everyone tells me, "He's a boy.  Don't worry, he will get it!" 

I guess he will, after all & I love it!

Correction-The Video DOES Exsist

Molly and Brian were coming over on Sunday to visit and I wanted to complete the iMovie of our NKOTBSB night.  I had put in all the clips and just needed to rearrange then add music and text.  It only took about two hours.  Then I wanted to watch it before burning it, since burning that much footage takes a loooonnngg time.  I was SHOCKED to see I DO have the video of me groping Donnie.  It's AWESOME!!!  Even Mark said, "You were THAT close!!"  And he heard me tell the story at least half dozen times.  I'm on a mission to figure out how to get it on youtube.  It's the best video I've seen of that concert.  So close I can touch him, literally!! 

What a pleasant surprise!

Earned the Tickets

Both kids earned enough tickets to get their items yesterday. (Ok, so C was one short and I fudged it a bit.  Nobody seemed to mind though.)

Victoria has been talking about getting her little fingers on her new chipmunk for 6 weeks.  She was so excited she hopped all the way from the car to the recently moved toy section.  We finally found chipmunk and I was so happy for her and she reached right past chipmunk and grabbed a parrot.  I was so confused.  Suddenly, she was madly in love with a parrot she'd never laid eyes on, only after pining for a chipmunk all summer.  WHAT?!

There you have it.  A five year old mind.  She's quite content with parrot.  Even buckles him in the car when she gets out.  Christian is obsessed with his Big Machines movie. 

But now my leverage is gone.

Gotta go think of something else.

By the way, today is parrot's birthday (apparently).  Off to make cupcakes for a fur real parrot.