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Monday, July 30, 2012

Guy's Golden

Happy Golden 30th Brother in Law Guy!
Here's the gift I made for him.  
Everyone loved it and the next morning there were only 6 of the 30 left.

We had a great time.
I mean great time!

Noticeable Private Parts

The kids had each and every Play Dough utensil out tonight going to town with creativity.  Then they got hungry and it was dinner time and they didn't want to stop playing.  Since Mark and I were going to eat after they are asleep (steak and shrimp yum yum) and it's way too hot to eat on the deck I came up with the idea of a picnic on the kitchen floor.  We put down a little blanket and there they sat having breakfast for dinner on the kitchen floor having so much fun.  Then Victoria says with a mouthful of waffles, "Oh my gosh!!  I don't know how I never noticed that before!  Cookie has a private part!  Oh my gosh!  No, no, don't look Christian, it's private!  How have I never noticed that before?"  Finishing her waffles shaking her head in disbelief.