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Saturday, October 6, 2012

One Too Many

You know your child has watched Up one too many times when he actually falls asleep holding the string of a balloon.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Her Best Day

If Victoria had her own blog she would definitely post tonight.  She would title it:  The Best Day Ever

This morning her name was called on the school news program as a Step Up kid.  She got to go to the office and get a Step Up pencil.  She has hot lunch: cheese pizza.  Then she found out she's the new STAR OF THE WEEK.  I'm sure this is special for every kid.  However, this kid has been talking about it each and every day since the first Star of the Week was announced.  She was beyond thrilled to tell me the big news after school.  We got home and she took her poster out and promptly spread it out on the floor and began working on it.  Then we went skating.  Guess who won Four Corners?  That's right...Victoria (and a four others).  Again, she was so happy!  After we read together I said, "Wow, this was a great day, wasn't it?"  She smiled and recalled all the special things that happened today while holding up a finger for each special thing.

It's a great feeling to know she's going to sleep a very happy little girl tonight.