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Friday, April 3, 2015

It Finally Sold!

After four and a half months…45 showings…we accepted an offer on our house.
Good-bye Maplewood - HELLO STILLWATER!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Brecken's Second Birthday Party

I have been purchasing goodies for Brecken's party for weeks now.
The last items were the balloons just a couple days before the party.

Liv came over Friday night to make her amazingly delicious Pin Wheels.  So many people RAVED about them.  They really are delicious.  

The Mickey Mouse cake turned out adorable.
I just realized I showed have photographed it from the side too.

These two are too much!
Between their looks and size they could be twins.
I LOVE seeing them together almost as much as they love to see each other.

And now we have Baby Leighton to enjoy too!
Three cousins just over two years between them.

My grandma holding Leighton.
So sweet!

Brecken completely understood his birthday this year.
He was so excited for his guests to arrive.
He would carry his gifts to the living room.
He was thrilled when I told him he could begin opening them!

Nearly every single person invited was able to attend.
Have a house and yard full of friends and family that were there to celebrate Brecken warmed my heart!
My favorite part is always the cake.
He's been practicing blowing out candles since his real birthday 11 days before.

He had no problem blowing them out.
Happily clapping for himself.

Lots of cousinly kisses!

Mickey gear everywhere!

Great Grandma and her youngest great grandchild.

My parents have been on a road trip for three weeks.
They were in Disney World for part of the trip.
Showing up with lots of Mickey things during a Micky party was perfect!
They got B a Mickey Mouse comforter for his new room!
So perfect!

Liv made an acrostic poem to celebrate Brecken.
I loved it!

Joe and Rosie gave Brecken a bubble machine.
Oh, what a hit with all the kids of all ages!

He got a Mickey tool set.

We had such an amazing day into the night celebrating.
We denied five showings this weekend just so we could focus on Brecken. 
I am so glad we did.
Everything was just perfect.  Just like him!