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Monday, November 24, 2014

Only in Kindergarten

This story is actually from last year when Christian was in kindergarten.  This picture has been on my desktop to remind me to blog it.  Better late than never.

Christian: Mom, I'm tired of my toes hurting.
Me: Why do your toes hurt?
C: Because my shoes are so tight, my toes hurt.
M: Oh my gosh!  You have to tell me this!  We'll go get you new shoes tomorrow.  Oh my gosh!  You have to tell me when your clothes or shoes are too tight.  There's no way I can know that.  (Imagine my horrible guilty feeling of sending my kid to school with too tight shoes.)
C: Well, it's only been tight for a couple days.

Instantly, I thought that was a strange response.
I picked up his shoes.  He got one of his shoes mixed up with a  friends a couple days earlier.  Two sizes smaller.


Young and Innocent in Alaska

     When I was 19 I flew to Alaska by myself just a couple weeks after my birthday.  I landed in Anchorage.  I took a bus to Seward to meet my friend Misha.
     When we were in 5th grade together and lived just a couple blocks from each other.  Then she moved.  In 6th grade she moved back.  We were good friends the whole year.  She moved again.  To Alaska.  But she never came back.  Her grandma and aunt were still in MN so we saw each other  once a year or so and we were serious pen pals.  Like straight up, mailing letters to each other for years.

Were we not young and innocent?

While packing I came across my photo book from my trip to Alaska.  Victoria was very interested.  We took time to lay on our bellies to look and talk about every single picture.  I can only hope she'll make friends for life life I have.  Even though we don't see each other often, I love ya Mish!!