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Saturday, August 31, 2013

So Little Time

I have so many things to blog about and so little time.  
So here's a recap of things in a super quick recap.

My parents picked V & C up at the gas station parking lot just outside of the property lines at Yogi and took them straight to WI Dells.
They had a great week with their cousins.
Here they are ready for breakfast at Paul Bunyan's.

Brecken ready for the day!

This is the very first time he sat in a high chair.
We were at Red Lobster with Laura.
He ended up having to be taken out of the restaurant due to his crying.
It was the morning we came back after Yogi and the poor kid was exhausted.
I knew better than to take him out to lunch, but did it anyway.

At WI with Papa & Mama.

We sent Mark this picture one morning when he asked what we were doing.
"Just hanging out!"

We lunched with Livi every chance we got this summer.

We hiked a bog.
It wasn't nearly as cool as the website said it was going to be.

I wonder how long it will be until those cuties can't hold him any more!

After the bog we stopped at a playground.
It was even more fun than the bog!

Laura and I have this thing about adults posting pics of themselves on fb.
So we started texting each other photos with funny captions.
At the time, it's quite funny.

Victoria getting ready for family pictures.

Christian is ready too.
Thanks for the buzz cut Charlie.

This pretty much sums up his attitude for picture day.
Very very silly.

Christian turned 5.5 on July 28th.

He enjoyed 5.5 candles in his ice cream.

I took my three kids and my nieces to the zoo late in July for Marissa's birthday.

Mark stopped by for an hour or so.

The tea cups were the hit.

They went on the Grog Hopper at least 8 times in a row.

After hours of walking the zoo and going on rides they still spent 20 minutes running around a field before we left.  The endless energy!

They we stopped for ice cream so Marissa could open her gift.

Victoria was working on math in the car.
I love when she does academic 'work' for fun all on her own.

This little baby is growing so big and strong, but when he's sleeping he looks like a little baby again.
I could watch him sleep all night long.
He loves to cuddle up with Giraffey.

In the afternoon we have Study Time.
Christian works on his writing and V works on whatever it is she wants to work on.
Here it was double digit subtraction.

These brothers love each other so much.
Rolling around on the floor proves to be particularly fun for both.

Victoria got her haircut at the place I go to.
We went across the street for some pictures.

I wish I knew how to braid so nicely!

Brecken is the happiest baby I've ever seen.
Just always happy.

He spent a lot of time doing this, this summer.

We went out to lunch with Victoria's first grade teacher (and my friend) at Bon Fire.
I love to watch them together.

I love the way he looks at me.
Ooooh, I love him!

But then, there's the way he looks at her!
I'm pretty sure she is his favorite person.

She would do anything to make him happy.

I did learn how to fishtail braid from youtube.
Victoria loves the idea of learning how to do something from youtube.

Waiting at the dr to find out what bit her on the hand to make it SO swollen.
It was black and blue and she could bend her fingers.
We didn't know that day, but it was a bee from the hive that was in the way in her bedroom!
It would take us three weeks after this to discover it.

Victoria will stop whatever she's doing at 5:30 to come in and help give Brecken his bath.
One night she was playing outside and she came and I told her she should stay out and play.
She said, "It's not like he's going to be a baby forever mom.  I have to enjoy this time!"
Sounds like she's listening to someone...

They love each other so much!

Action shot: Going in for a kiss.

Love those big blue eyes!

Building a log cabin in his undies.

This was after his kindergarten assessment where is was brought to my/his attention he didn't know as many numbers as I thought. Oops!

We're doing less and less of this.
Now that he eats oatmeal and baby fruits and vegetables and I'm back to work I have a feeling this won't last much longer.

Morning photo shoot.
Everyone is always so happy in the morning.

I took about 20 pictures that morning and this is my favorite.
I can feel their love.

Uncle John's new dog Bo along with his newest nephew.

Lunch (with Liv) at the Bon Fire.

Brecken's first bites.

Mama Deb was over and we all took turns giving him his first bites.
In just a few bites he got the hang of it and was actually swallowing some.

Hangin' at Mama Jeanne's one summer afternoon.

At the end of a date night we swung by Walmart to pick up a high chair and Mark stopped to try to win me something.  What a gentleman:-)

Story time!

The night before we left for CO Papa came over to give hugs and kisses.

Mama came over all three nights before we left.

We celebrated Great Grandma's 82nd birthday a week early at Bon Fire before our road trip.

I have a picture of her holding Christian at 2 months wearing a party hat too.

 Mama Jeanne gave Brecken lots of cuddles.

A couple meals later and he loves dinner time!
Now he eats breakfast too.
If someone else is eating and he's not he'll lunge for the food.

There it is, a super quick version of our last couple weeks of summer.