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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Girls Are Bringing My Confidence

I took a little unintended break from blogging.  Not necessarily because I wanted to, but because this little blog caused some family drama.  Actually, it's not the poor blog's fault.  Some people just love drama I guess.  I last blogged on Thanksgiving.  A (Mark's - for the record) family member decided to pick apart my Thanksgiving post.  It stirred up some emotions from other family members and it put a bad taste in my mouth for the blog (and the family member - for the record).  I actually set up a dozen blogs on the plane ride to Mexico and just haven't wanted to post.  After what happened at Thanksgiving it just took my confidence out of blogging.  Sometimes I even surprise myself what I share here.  However, I love it.  It has been my place of healing (especially about Brecken's birth).  It has been my place of sharing.  I received more than 20 amazingly positive and supportive texts and emails about Brecken's birth story.  (Not a positive word from the drama queen - for the record.)

In the last two weeks I've had tons of things I wanted to post.  But again, didn't have the confidence.

Just a few minutes ago I was showing Mark a project I want him to make for me from Pinterest.  I also read a blog I love, you may have heard of it - livlife.  :-)

For some reason I typed my own blog in and immediately noticed TWO comments since I last looked at it a couple weeks ago.  My heart sank.  "You've got to be kidding me," I thought.  I braced myself for the negativity.

Instead it was like someone opened a window and a beautiful warm rush of fresh air swept over the room.  I had a comment from Liv that said, I wish you would do more posts like this. I really enjoyed that.

(That is a really powerful statement.

There was also a comment from my friend Shauna, Perfect! I love everything about that post!!! Well said!

Two, good, supportive friends.  Love my girls!!

My confidence is back.

You want to pick on me and my little blog and talk behind my back about what I post?  Go right ahead.  I may or may not find out.  Either way, I love my blog!