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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Not Just a Quote

I have loved quotes for as long as I can remember.  Years ago Liv had a notebook she covered in quotes she loved and I've always wanted to do that.  I keep them everywhere.  I love quotes.

My most favorite quote is: People will not remember what you said.  People will not remember what you did.  People will remember how you made them feel.

Those are words I live by.  In my work.  In my family.  In my life.  I think it is powerful.  I think if you take those words to heart, they can be life changing.  I think of that just about every day of my life.  I believe the deep connections I make with my students and their families are because of the way I make them feel.  Whether the student did something wrong or something to celebrate, whether I'm delivering not so good or great news, I think about how this person is going to feel.

Those words were said/written by Maya Angelou.  She is known for some amazing quotes.  I know of her because she was often on Oprah.  I know of her because she said some profound things in her life.

Today she passed away.   But her words will live on in my heart and many others.