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Saturday, August 17, 2013


Unplugged is a fairly knew word people throw around as a verb.  Such as: I spent the weekend unplugged.  I don't get it.  I don't want to unplug.  When I have stuff to do I'm not plugged - if you will - so I don't really see a need nor do I want to be unplugged.  However, I was unplugged (mostly) through our road tripping family vacation.  Until now.  Yes, I loved nights sitting in Golden, CO high up on Look Out Mountain watching the twinkling lights of Denver below us.  It is so beautiful there is makes me get choked up.  I absolutely love it.  However, as I explained to Victoria (who had a hard time saying good-bye to our CO family again this year) we love it sooo much and appreciate all it has to offer each and every day because we're not used to it.  It's new and amazing and spectacular all four days we are there to enjoy it.  The first time we saw an elk we were all squealing in delight.  The last time....we were still squealing even though we had seen more than 100 in the few days.

Back to being unplugged.  There was cell service (for the most part) in each place we stayed from Lincoln, NE to Aunt Joan's in Golden to Rapid City, SD to Sioux City ND.  However, I chose to only use the internet in the car to google whatever we were questioning during conversations or info we needed to know or to check Facebook (over and over and over and over).

I enjoyed the nights of chatting rather than watching TV.  The evenings and days filled with family and experiences rather than internet and Bravo.

Even though I'm plugged back in, I hope to remember that unplugging is good for me and my family.