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Monday, January 6, 2014

Bonus Day or Two

We had twelve days off for winter break.  Then we went back to school for Thursday and Friday.  On Friday we learned that we would have Monday (today) off due to the forecasted extremely low temperatures.  -25 and -50 with windchill.  I'm not huge on even wearing a coat, but I will admit, WOW it's super duper cold.  The lounge was so noisy a teacher said it sounded "like a bar" and one of the union reps said, "So, this is what we need for morale!"  We were all quite excited!

My whole weekend was better knowing we had Monday as a "free" day.  We planned on going to MOA today to use the unlimited ride passes Odelis gave the kids for Christmas, but decided to go on Sunday afternoon inside.  #1 We've gone on a Sunday afternoon/evening before and it's so dead, it rocks.  #2 I really didn't like the idea of getting up and going out in the cold, especially with the baby too.  Turns out we made a really good choice.  We got to the mall about 4:00 and it was fairly busy, but we got front row parking.  By 5:30 there were no lines and the kids could go on ride after ride after ride after ride after ride.  Yes, I had a wonderful time.  But, really, they did!  We stayed til close and headed home.  We got in the car and it was 3 degrees.  We all watched it dramatically drop after we left the ramp. Down to -13.  I took a pic and sent it to my TN friend:-)

That left today wide open.  Which meant laundry, Mommy never putting in her contacts, kids staying in their jammies until they took a bath and put new jammies on, playing, dancing, reading (shout out to Junie B. Jones and Nancy Drew!) kissing and loving on the World's Most Perfect Baby (V said that, not me!) (but I totally agree!!), finishing Christian's TWO sets of birthday invitations, dinner that we all loved including Red Lobster "homemade" biscuits.  It was a fabulous day.

Oh wait, I forgot to mention: SCHOOL WAS CANCELLED FOR TOMORROW TOO!

Unreal.  I've never even heard of school being closed out of pure cold.

Bonus Day #2 tomorrow.  BOOYAH BABY!  I've got a list to accomplish.  And a facial lined up.

As Molly texted today: I want to be a teacher when I grow up.

That made me smile:-)

**Sidenote: Kudoos to MOA for giving (surprise) ALL rides ALL day for free due to everything outside being too cold to be open.  Super kudoos to the Humphrey Family for going on Sunday and not super duper busy Monday!

My Valentine's Gift - for the Whole Family

My favorite holiday is right around the corner.  I've already begun planning and decorating.  Mark just ordered my gift.  FIVE seats from the Metrodome.  He's going to mount them around our fire pit.  Some of my happiest childhood memories are in the Metrodome.  I'm so excited we're going to have a piece of that special place.  Bring on my favorite day, The Day of Love!!