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Friday, August 15, 2014

Shows We Both Love

Mark and I love watching TV together.  And we REALLY love when we both actually enjoy what we're watching.  I've thought many many times to do a What We're Watching Now post and it's never been done.  Until tonight!!

Eleven years ago tonight, Mark proposed to me.  And I said yes!  So it's about time we co-write a blog together.  If this turns out ok, he may be my side kick.   At least at editing this as we think of more things to add.

In the past shows we've loved together have been Season One of American Idol- we danced together to Kelly Clarkson in our apartment living room!,  NYPD Blue, ER, Friends -living in Therese's basement,
NipTuck, Private Practice, The Dirt,

Breaking Bad - We both concede that this the BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!  We took it upon recommendation to watch it.  I put the dvd in and Mark said, "What is this about?"  I said, "I have no idea, but Molly and Odelis both said we'd love it."  In the first four minutes Mark looked at me and said, "Wow, huh?"  I agreed.  I should have done a complete blog about this show in itself because seriously, OMG, WOWEE ZOWEE, BEST SHOW EVER, from the first to last episode (except
The Fly Episode).  Fantastically entertaining.  CANNOT WAIT FOR CALL SAUL to come out.  I could enter the picture Mark took of me on the deck wearing my Pollos Hermanos t-shirt.  But I will spare us all.

Big Brother - Current and past.  I've been watching it since season one - in my brother's bedroom before going out to Thunderbirds on Thursdays - but Mark and I have been obsessed with each and every season since we've been together the last 13 years.  Lovelovelove this show.  It is currently on and I can't wait until Sunday.

Below Deck - Season two just began.  And it's better than ever.  OMG how much fun would it be to CHARTER?!  We both love Ben the Chef.  Love everything that goes right and wrong each week and I'm appalled at how hard these people have to clean. Pretty sure I'd die.
Shark Tank - I joined Groovebook the night it was on the show.  9 months later it is the greatest grossing company ever on the show.  Totally awesome.  And you just wait.  Mark has a lot of great ideas.  He will be on there.  Whether it's his baby carrier strap or table to mounted pump holder.  He had a ton of amazing ideas!
Shameless -  Seriously!!  Guilty pleasure.  Off the charts craziness and we love every second.  Completely opposite of PC - extra fun for a Sunday night.
Desperate Housewives - We both loved this show on Sundays nights.  I was just about as sad to see this end as I was the original Melrose Place.  I kept the last episode on our DVR for at least a year. *Our My super old DVR saves are a whole other post.  Believe me!
Real Housewives - all seasons - all locations - Mark says, "I don't love 'em.  But I watch 'em.  I know everything about all of them.  Ask me a question about the Guidices.  Remember, I was the one who knew how to pronounce their name before they new."  Yep, direct quote.
Tardy for the Party - We both love Kim and Kroy.
Justified - Currently not in season but we both love it.  I brought actual Netflix DVD's on the flight to Mexico and watched on the plane pregnant with Brecken.  I was soooo obsessed.  Last season coming 2015.
Orange is the New Black - Love love but still in the first season.  It's a bit much too much at a time.  (For Mark - not me;)
Melrose Place (round II) - we both loved it.  Especially me.  Reminded us of Mosquito Blue.  Short lived but certainly loved.
Wahlburgers - So funny!  We both look forward to Wednesday nights and it's actually up for an Emmy. When I found out I texted my friends and said, "Apparently they are handing them out like candy now."
Blue Bloods - Donnie Wahlburg!!!  So glad Mark loves this show too!!  Tom Sylleck is fantastic!  Love this show!
Mistresses - Mark loves Alyssa Milano since childhood, and so did I.  I wanted my name to be Samantha for about ten years.  I won't say we love this show.  But we're getting into it.  But we do enjoy it together.
The Lottery - We were both crazy about this show.  Unfortunately, it was canceled before it had a chance.

Kardashians - This is me only.  Mark says he never wants to be associated with them.  Does he watch it.  Yes.  But don't tell him I said so.

Shows We Want to Watch:

Rumor has it New Kids have a reality shows coming up this fall.  Pretty sure our DVR will be fill after that.  Remember, I did record each and every NKOTB cartoon on VHS.  And saved them.  Yep. Crazy but true.

Let is know if you have any other shows you think we'd love.