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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So Many Posts So Little Time

I have so many things I want to post about.  But time is tight and here's what I have time to post:
"Cubs fan just like my Papa Mark!"

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's Not About the Money

A few weeks after our return from Mexico I began the iMovie of our trip.  I did most of it late one night.  Then I got busy with the hustle and bustle of life.  Mark asked several times, "Is the movie done yet?"  After the third or thirtieth time he asked when I wanted to reply, "What?!  Do you think I'm hiding it from you?! I'm busy!!!"  Then I got the idea.  Hmmmm. . .it seems like he really wants it. . . I think I'll give it to him for Christmas.

That took pressure off to get it done and I knew he's love to have it.  Too bad I got up and was at the computer at 7am Christmas Eve morning adding music (the most time consuming part of the creation).  Thank goodness he slept in (this actually wasn't a true concern of mine:)  and thank goodness both kids played nicely and watched some of a Scooby Doo movie to stay out of the office and let me do my things.

After all of the festivities at Mama Jeanne's on Christmas Eve and all of the other 'magical' preparations that had to be tended to after the kids were peacefully sleeping I stuck the freshly burned disk in a box with a coffee cup and handed it to him.

"I want you to open this one tonight," I told him.  "Shake it," I said trying to throw him off.  He shook it and shrugged.  Then he saw it: Mexico 2010.  He almost knocked me over trying to get to the DVD player. We watched together and reminisced not once, not twice but three times.  The thing is 28 minutes long!  But we had a blast and it was the perfect way to spend a romantic Christmas Eve super late night together.

Crazy Christmas Crafts

I like doing crafts.  I LOVE guiding my children with crafts.  That is the explanation of the crafts of the Christmas season.  I really must love it too, because I did these crafts at school too.  Is it ever too much, you ask?  Yep, just about everytime. . .but I really really must love it because I continue to do it.

When we took Aunt Molly to tea a few weeks back I saw Chocolate Spoons at Goodthings for $2 a piece!  I decided I/we could make these on our own and they would be fun to make a cute little gifts.  I found a chocolate melter that is safe for the kids.  Bought several pounds of chocolate and 200 spoons.  Then got out the decorations.  Marshmallows and an assortment of holiday sprinkles. 

It is super fun and low key.

On December 10th we had our holiday party at school.  Each student made his/her own gingerbread house.  So what did we do at our house that night. . .made our own gingerbread houses.  As if making 21 houses and cleaning all of it up wasn't enough that day!This has got to be the kids' favorite Christmas craft. 

Now, doesn't that look fun?!?!?!  I love the happy little smiles on their little faces when the project is complete!

I learned a new craft this year.  It's from one of my favorite blogs:

Christmas Hugs

We bought Christmas pretzels and picked out all of the stars.  Then unwrapped a ton of Hershey Hugs. 

Then you watch them very carefully for about 7 minutes in the oven.

When the Hugs lose their tips it's time to take them out.  But not a minute too early!

Very close now!

Then you carefully put red and green M&Ms on them. 
Unfortunately Mommy accidentally bought red & green PEANUT M&Ms. 
Frantically I ran around the kitchen looking for M&Ms so our little project wouldn't be ruined.
I came across left over red and purple M&Ms from Abbey's shower back in August.
Nobody seemed to mind though.

They were delicious.  Sometimes our crafts turn out unedible.
That's ok.  Sometimes they pretty much go straight to the trash.
It's all about the experience.

These experiences were creative & wonderful.
I don't know if I love crafty things like this so I wanted to be a teacher.
Or is being a teacher brings out the crafty in me.
Either way,
I'm glad our kids get to experience the creativity
 and messiness and hands-on experiences of creating.