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Monday, September 26, 2011

Meeting Kendra

A couple weeks ago I saw on FB that Kendra was doing a book signing at MOA on the 25th.  Since, I love her show and loved her first book and wanted to buy the second book anyway, this was a fabulous opportunity.  Since Odelis loves her almost as much as I do we went together and had a great day.

We got to MOA just a bit after 11am.  The lines weren't even set up yet.  So we had lunch and a drink and headed back down just after noon.  We purchased our books and got in line.  We stood/sat there about 250th in line.  We had fun chatting and reading parts of the book.  At about 1:40 I was getting really thirsty so I figured I better go now before she comes.  I handed Odelis my book and my camera because they were in my hands and I headed out to grab a pop for me and a water for her.  I was walking very fast and had my head turned to the right looking at the fudge store and I looked up and there stood Kendra RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.  I stopped and fumbled and fumbled in my purse like a crazy stalker for my camera.  When I finally realized I handed it to Odelis (I don't even go to Target without it - what in the world happen to my brain there?!?!?) I struggled for my phone and by this time she, her agent and three cops had begun descending the stairs. . .to the magical land of Celebrityland I guess.

I got our drinks and raced back describing exactly what she was wearing to prove I DID see her!  I was quite excited. 

Then she finally came out at about 2:10 and even had Hank with her.  It ended up taking another TWO hours to meet her.  I have no problem waiting in line to meet a celebrity.  I rather enjoy it.  But she was taking her sweet time with each and every single person.  A couple girls sangs the Kendra theme song to her.  She took many pics.  She'd listen to stories.  It was fun watching her, but geez, NKOTB would have had that many fans through in 20 minutes (Fact: They also come off as a-holes when they're rushing).

Finally we got close.

There's Odelis with Hank behind her.  She spoke to him a bit.  I made eye contact twice and looked away and stared while he wasn't looking.  That black guy was clearly a rich athlete - do you recognize him? Me neither.  But I will figure it out.

My best shot of Hank.
Lil' Hank was back in LA, Kendra told Odelis.

Since I get soooo starstruck I didn't say 90% of what I had planned.
We took the pic right away then she looked up at me and asked my name and shook my hand.
Then she said, "I love your earrings.  They are so pretty.  Those are my favorite colors."
As she was signing my book and I was saying how I loved her show Hank said, "Babe!" and came over and actually laid on the table because her blouse had opened up and she was showing too much.  The pic is pre-fix. 
He helped her and covered her from the couple hundred other people staring and I actually looked down right into her shirt.  Then realized what I just did and said, "Well at least somebody told you!"  She replied, "Yeah, the damn tape won't stick."

Then she smiled for another picture, I started to lean in and then said, "We already did this."  She smiled and said, "Oh!  Sorry, thanks so much."  And I was on my way.

From the stage I watched Odelis calmly hug her and act like a normal human.
Asking where the baby was and complimenting her.
I was so jealous!
Damn nerves.

It was a memorable day.
I fell asleep watching the premier of her show last night.
When I woke at 4am I watched it. 
Good stuff. .. .now if I can just stay awake to read the book.

A Piece of Chocolate

My Sephora eye liner ran out about a week ago.  It's been driving me crazy.  I have several others, but no other is like my Sephora eye liner.  Victoria and I left school pronto today to pick up Christian and headed over to Rosedale.  "If you keep you hands to yourself I'll get you a treat," I bribed as I entered one of my most favorite stores.  They did.  But I was very quick.

I got them a cinnamon pretzel to split with a bottle of water.

I really pushed it (the whole situation) and headed into another store. 

They were beginning to get a bit rowdy, but then I remembered I needed a card.  We headed down to Hallmark - another of my most favorite stores - then they got really rowdy.  Climbing out of the stroller, grabbing musical cards, I was very uncomfortable and was rapidly losing (ok it was totally lost) control at that point.  I decided to get the hell out of there as fast as possible.

When I was checking out the lady starts to explain that if you purchase THREE cards you get way more frequent buyer points.  You don't reach the Platinum level by not knowing these things lady.  I said, "Yeah, I know but I just want to get them out of here."  She nodded as if to say, "We'd like them out too, thank you."

As I was quickly walking out the door pushing a minimun of 90 lbs (I brought the stroller in thinking this would make my shopping more peaceful - ha!) I heard Christian saying something but I was concentraing on the fact that I wished I hadn't come to the stupid mall in the first place. 

Then I looked down and he had his little hands cupped together and had a very sneaky smile on his face and said, "Look what's in my hands," and showed me a very NOT paid for piece of Lindt's chocolate. 

I stopped dead in my tracks and dropped to my knees and said, "You took that?!  You stole!  We need to get back there right away and apologize before she calls the police on you!"  And I walked soooo fast back to Hallmark.  I pulled him out of the stroller and the same lady happen to be standing at the front of the store and when I said, "Tell her what you did," she too dropped to her knees in front of him like I did.  She knew.

He said, "Mommy, you say.  Mommy say it for me."  Then the hysterical waterworks happened.  But I said you need to say you're sorry and we were not leaving until he did.  Eventually through the tears and the thick layer of snot and sobbing you could barely hear the,!!!! 

He gave the chocolate back and I mouthed SOOO SORRY! She nodded and carried the chocolate away.  Clearly not the first time this has happened. Maybe they actually put the chocolate down low like that hoping that will happen and you'll come back in and actually pay. 

Outside of Hallmark (we were quite a spectical) I hugged him and dried his tears and kissed his cheeks while telling him he had made a bad choice but did his best to fix it.  He asked if the police were coming.  I told him I didn't think so.  Might as well keep him on his toes, right?

When I started walking neither of them said one word the whole way home.  Christian actually fell asleep.  Talk about emotionally exhausted. 

It was a learning experience for us all. 

I'm sure Victoria will tell anyone and everyone that will listen tomorrow at school and I bet Christian won't tell a soul.  

If he had to learn this lesson, at least it was just a piece of chocolate.