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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Look Who's Two!

Dear Brecken,
   With your birthday comes excitement and tears.  Happy tears.  We've been through so much since that morning you were born.  You've brought me to a whole new level of parenting.  You have taught me so much.  I truly could not love you anymore than I do.  I love everything about you.  The good and the difficult, I wouldn't change one thing.  You are perfect.

You were less than a week old in these pictures. 
I was stressed and exhausted.
I remember that…
but when I look at these pictures all I see is love.

You were actually hungry and wanted to eat my face.

I'm so grateful we have these gorgeous pictures to remind us how small you once were.

Being small didn't last long!
You are the biggest Humphrey baby and toddler!
You grow so fast!
You're catching up to your brother.
He has accidentally worn your clothes more than once!

As you turn two you want nothing more than to be a Big Kid.
You've been climbing out of your crib for a couple months now.
I've given up trying to keep you in it.
When you wake you climb out and knock on your door asking for me.
You often try to escape your carseat and quickly climb way into the back to sit by Christian aka CheeChee.
You want nothing to do with highchairs.  You will kneel or stand on a regular chair and eat just fine.
You started using utensils and a napkin very early.  You just want to fit in with the rest of the family.
At bedtime you want story after story.  One night I wanted to see how long you'd read for.  After 50 minutes I gave up and finally put you in your crib.  
You don't want to be carried; you want to walk independently.  
Even if I need to hold your hand you pull away and just want to walk.
At the park you run and climb with CheeChee & Sissy with no problem…
except when you run and laugh and fall on your cute little face.
You are potty training yourself.
You love your Big Boy undies.  
You cheer for yourself every time you go even if everyone else forgot to cheer!

Even though you really want to be a Big Kid you're still a typical two year old who 
LOVES Elmo.  Or should I say Melmo?  You lay your stuffed Elmo down for a nap and shhhush all of us, with your little pointer finger flat against your lips, because he's sleeping.  Elmo is the only thing you'll sit still for.  Elmo is currently teaching you the ABC's on youtube.  You love it and you're beginning to recognize your letters!
You also LOVE Mickey Mouse.
You call him Mee Mee.
You will have a Mickey Mouse birthday party in a couple weeks and a Mickey Mouse room when we move in a couple months.  You will only sit still for the intro of the Mickey Mouse cartoon, however, you love his books and anything else with his picture on it.

Your favorite foods is cheesecake.  However, you're not picky.
Your favorite books are Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, I Spy (you're amazingly good at spotting things and won't stop looking until you find it!), & The Little Blue Truck.
Your favorite friend is Lyla at daycare.
Your favorite activity is the water park.
You LOVE the Lazy River with Mommy.
You go down the slides with ease.

But most of all you LOVE your Sissy and CheeChee.
You follow them.  Sometimes, even lead them.
The three of you get along perfectly.

Nobody could have completed our family more perfectly than you.
Looking forward to celebrating you non-stop for the next two weeks!
Love you the mostest,