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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Written with My Heart

The kids don't watch much TV so when we get a movie from Redbox, they get pretty excited.  I picked up Paranorman for tonight and both mentioned several times this afternoon they couldn't wait to watch it after dinner.

As the kids were brushing their teeth (and very close to movie time) Christian slapped Victoria on the back.  He gets too excited and rough and this has been an ongoing issue.  Every single day this weekend he did it.  In his defense, sometimes V is the hitter too.

So tonight, I sent C to his room no movie.  He was having an emotional breakdown.  Crying.  Trying to apologize.  Lots of tears and snot.  V and Mark were watching the movie and I was on my computer at the kitchen table and he slid a piece of paper next to me.  (He learned from his sister a written apology goes a long way around here.)  However, I wasn't giving in at all and I was busy.  Several minutes later he comes back still sobbing and asks if I read the note.  So I pick up the piece of paper.  Then I flip it over.  Then I look at him and ask, "Is it blank?"  In between sobs he said, "I couldn't find a pencil so I wrote it with my heart."

I cracked up.  Then sent him back to bed.